Renegade Line
Dear players,

We have to announce that we need to pause the development of Renegade Line for now. The development of Renegade Line is on hold due to the lack of time we have and personal issues (e.g. more pressure to find freelance jobs to keep being able to pay our bills in times of the Covid-19 crisis) that keep us from developing and reworking features for Renegade Line.

During the past weeks we analyzed the current development state of Renegade Line and came to the conclusion that there is no way around cleaning, redesigning and reworking several core game components to make Renegade Line run smoother and more stable. Right now it’s difficult for new developers to work on the game files since there weren’t enough programming guidelines in the past that make the code not that easy to read and understand while working on it (so cleaning up the code is another step that has to be done). All this will be a huge but necessary step for Renegade Line and we have to see if we are able to make this step in the future. All options are on the table right now, from reviving the development to project closure.

In the next weeks and months we will make a social media pause to put all the time we can get into planning and developing. Facebook and Twitter will be deactivated, and we won't read and respond to messages on Discord. We hope that we can revive the development of Renegade Line and will inform you as soon as we have made a decision.

- The Raw Vengeance Games Dev Team