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 Alerts and news [17/10/2015] Forum online and website updates


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Sorry for the delay, we were experiencing some techincal issues. Future updates should be pushed out in no-time ;)

Hello RenegadeLine fans!

Welcome to the brand new forums, where you can discuss the latest news, let us know about your ideas and suggestions for the game. Basically the perfect place to communicate with other fans, but also with the developers directly.

Before posting on the forums, please read our forum rules [url=%HOME_URL%forum/rules]here[/url].

(In no particular order)
  • Added language support and automatic detection
    • English
    • Deutsch - German
    • Nederlands - Dutch
  • Changed the background image
  • Added an useful menu on the top right corner
  • Added a few more buttons in the main menu
  • Added footer links
  • Added cookie notice on first visit and cookie page for more information about how we use cookies on this website
  • Added share buttons in news articles
  • Added private messages
  • Updated slider images
  • Added a nice and simple [url=%HOME_URL%press]press kit[/url]
  • Improved UI
  • Opened up the sign up page for public
  • Added friend system
  • Integrated live chat (you can only chat with friends)
  • Added fully featured and custom-built forum
  • Optimized images and code, better performance and faster pageload
  • Fixed a few minor bugs in the lay-out
  • Written a temporary TOS and EULA, these are subject to change. All players will receive a notification once the official TOS and EULA are up and have the option to agree or disagree with the TOS and EULA again.


So now I have an account, does it mean that I have Alpha / Beta access?
Even though you have an official RenegadeLine account now, this does not mean you have alpha/beta access later on. To gain access to alpha/beta you need to activate a key, which can be acquired once the game is ready. More information will follow later.

How can I add someone as friend?
As for now, you can click on the name of someone to go to their profile and click on "Add as friend". Later on you can find players by using the search or add players in-game.

How can I change my online status?
You can't change your status. (This might change in the future).

How can I identify a RV member or forum moderator?
The posts of RV members have a black/dark grey background color with the RV logo on top, forum moderators have a dark blue background color and have a nice "banhammer" in front of their name.

Can I be a forum moderator?
Some extra people keeping our forums nice and tidy are always appreciated, in order to become a forum moderator, just be active, helpful, obey the rules and make sure you speak English fluently. We will keep an close eye on the forums to look for potential forum moderators, so do NOT ask or beg to become a forum moderator, please.

How much PM space do I have and for how long are chat messages stored?
You have unlimited storage for your private messages, but all private messages older than 90 days are automatically deleted, so make sure you manually make a back-up of important messages you'd like to keep.
All chat messages are stored for 7 days, at the moment you cannot see the full chat history yet (only the last 15 messages), this will be implemented later.

KEEP IN MIND: Even though everything is stored on secure servers, never write personal information (e.g. passwords, address, phone numbers) in private messages or chat messages. This is information you shouldn't share with anyone you do not trust. It's for your own online safety!

How can I change my profile picture?
We are using Gravatar, visit Gravatar here.

Where can I donate?
Donations are possible once we release official gameplay footage, a Kickstarter campaign will be started. This will also be announced on our website.

Please note that the chat might not work properly sometimes. If that's the case for you, please send me a PM with as much as possible information you can provide, thanks! It's also worth mentioning that everything you see is subject to change, most of it is just purely for the functionality and will be polished as we continue development.

If you have any remarks or suggestions for the website, create a new thread in the forums or send me a PM. ;)

Thank you and enjoy your stay at RenegadeLine!

Much love,
- Danny

Ps. Don't take it personally when I do not respond to your PM, sometimes I'm just too busy to respond, but I always read them all!

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