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 Alerts and news Steam Alpha #7

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Is there anyone we can contact?

The Pros on developing an new game instead of private servers is that Battlefield can't take it down so I prefer this over an Private server ;)
So I hope we don't have to go to an private server!

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fuq we got scammededed m8s 1 like = 1 prayer

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oh yesss noiceeee 👌
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hi everyone, do yous know when this game is coming out and ready to play? , ive not heard anything from anyone about this game, i dont know if this game is going to be released or not
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Is this game still going to be released or is it over :/?
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Laxen said on 2019-02-26T16:23:20+01:00 in Steam Alpha #7:
SsWeek said on 2019-02-25T16:57:16+01:00 in Steam Alpha #7:
I bought alpha key long time ago.. came back to see how
development is progressing, and i struggle to find the download button, if even there is any. Anyway can i get an anwser? 😄

Merl said on 2019-02-19T09:57:24+01:00 in Is anyone still hyped about this?:

Renegade Line recently moved to Steam, that's why you need a different key. However, for those who have already bought an alpha key you can get your steam key for free. If you check out your account items page you'll find a steam key waiting for you! (

Kind regards,
I bought a key quite a long time ago but I don't have any steam key in my items on my account can I get some help?
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I knew they were no good when they refused to give me a refund because my computer at the time was so cr+p it couldn't run the game,
never played the game once. I felt at the time their lack of good will cost them my future custom to this project. I drop in from time to time to see if any progress has been made, but now I can see my initial thoughts on the 'team' were not unfounded.
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Hello There,
Does anybody know when the next alpha test is starting?
KiwiiThreads: 0
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Member since: 2015-10-19 13:07:42
Hello There,
Does anybody know when the next alpha test is starting?
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how long do we have to wait. game is coming out when we are dead?

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