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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #13 (New cool assets)


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Hello community!

You may have noticed that last week the Friday newspost has been replaced with the Twitch livestream. If you missed it, you still have a chance to check it out HERE! We show off some new stuff, answer lots of questions and have a great time with the community. We hope you enjoy the stream as much as we did!

While the next Alpha week is already behind the corner and ready to be launched soon, (more info about it will be released near in the future) we would like to show you some new buildings and other assets that our great artist RV_RDurand has been working on. It's also VERY important to stress that these images are in-engine screenshots, which means some textures and assets are missing. This is not how it will look like in-game, allllrighty?

Being in Italy means 2 things: Tasty food and good wine...and churches. Ok, so 3 things. Food is kinda already put into the game, if you look at the market or the butcher. Wine is in the barrels you see around the map or at least in some of them. But one thing is missing: A church. The map needs some kind of iconic object in the middle and what fits better than a big church? No matter your confession, we are sure you will like to fight around, on top or in front of this big building. The top will provide a good vantage point for snipers, while the church itself is a good place to take cover or hide from enemy view.

We would also like to show you a piece of a wall with stone pillars...exciting, isn't it? Well, at least our level designer was pumped to see those, because now he can place an ending to the walls. (The first one to make a "wall + immigrant/Mexico" joke will get a free alpha slap to the cheek)

And some bonus views of the new map. Keep in mind that these pictures are still taken in-engine and not in-game.

What do you think about these new assets? Feel free to add all feedback and comments right below! :)

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FURST XD, DANKKK!k!kk!k!k!

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Durand back at it with his amazing talents,great views.

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Congratz again to the dev team for puting a lots of works and efforts during their free time. Much love, by truly supporter

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Looks nice                     

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Looks sick, can't wait till the next Alpha test. Will this be on the old map or on the incomplete new one?
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Brings back some very good memories playing the VV and SS maps (possible even RR). These were always fav/fun maps.   Well done guys
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I like it, but please remove the lasers around the flags, and add a minimap or something.. Dont make the game so lightsaber starwars like :)
- Stevespecious

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G4m3r said:
I like it, but please remove the lasers around the flags, and add a minimap or something.. Dont make the game so lightsaber starwars like :)
- Stevespecious
Thanks for the feedback.
The ''laser-like'' effect around the flag is to easily show the location of the flag. Keep in mind that this effect is exclusive to the Capture the Flag game mode. ;)

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