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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #14 (Glider, weapons and more!)


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Greetings community!

In the past weeks we have shown you lots of content that we are preparing for the upcoming Open Beta:
The new main menu, new characters, new outfits, new map, new game modes and much more. A lot new cool stuff!
We wouldn't be surprised if you won't recognize the game, it will be a complete overhaul! :D

Today we have some more stuff for you. We have some weapons which are stronger than the ones you have seen before!
Also we have a quick sneak peak on a talent for the Thief class and we have a little walk around on one of the unfinished maps.

The talent in question is called Glider:
If you jump off of a cliff, a house or a wall, for example, you can activate the talent and will instantly fly forward with the ability to move to the right or left side. Additionally, you can jump off the Glider by using "spacebar" and you can maneuver the glider with it's nose down to the ground to damage enemies. It is perfect for escape situations or very aggressive attacks.

Glider front view

Glider back view

These are the 2nd class weapons which are stronger than the original standard weapons we showed you earlier:

Resident and Wicked MGs

Resident and Wicked SMGs

Resident and Wicked pistols

Resident and Wicked shotguns

And this is the RPG projectile:

Also last but not least we will show you today how the parachute looks in the game. Before, players were able to use parachutes in the game, but the parachute textures were missing. That will not be the case anymore! We now have visible and working parachutes implemented in the game! Stay tuned and have fun watching!

Share your thoughts and leave us some feedback in this thread! We are reading comments with great interest!

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Awesome! <3                           

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Looks goood!!! Really like how the Italy map looks so far

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The new map rear and the weapon rework  is spectacular, way better than the original great job with these Friday newpost banger.
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It's look great ! I really want play the open beta now with this beautiful work ! It's look funny and simply, all i like ! This game me remember the best game ever, BfHeroes, but i think Renegade Line is comming to be the best ! :-D

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Man this game gets more and more awesomeness, keep up the amazing work! I like the resident pistol and the wicked shotgun the most and the map looks great as well! Keep it up ^_^

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The italy map looks dope! Also good progress on the weapons! keep it up :)

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Keep it up, I cant describe how im happy  <3

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I'm looking forward to playing this map. Close quarter urban settings are my favorite, and it looks like there's a good deal of verticality there as well! :D

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Shit looks lit! I am really amazed and feel rewarded by the great work that the developers have made! The only thing that grinds my gears is the captured flag that almost completely overlaps the character model. I feel like the flag should be a lot smaller! Nonetheless keep it up and take your time to finalize every single bit :D

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