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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #15 (New website launch)


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Hello community!

First of all we want to give everyone a heads up for the launch of our brand-new Renegade Line website:
It will go live early next week in preparation for the Open Beta.
This means that website and forum design will change and new functions will be available, but don't worry, all your current account data will stay and we will safely migrate everything!
The website will have a complete design rework and a new, quicker backend. Also, it will feature new website categories that will be available upon Beta Release!

But that's not all for today! Additionally, some of you might still remember the church of the coming Italy map that we showcased at Newspost Friday #13 thread.
The church itself lacked textures at that given point, but don't you worry, the church is going to have wonderful textures!
Right below you can see Nyra's concept art that will give you a hint towards the final look of the building, that will be the most iconic one in the whole map.

Last but not least: We already showed you the Wicked version of the "Glider" last week. At this week we have the Resident version for you! It's not yet 100 % fully finished and might get slightly modified, but feedback is always welcome!
Back view

Front view

That's it for this time! Tell us what do you think, all kind of comments and feedback are welcome and highly appreciated! :)

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As always awesome :)
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Keep up the work!

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Cannot wait to see this new website.The church model looks great.

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I like the design from the church, Looks amazing!

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Amazing, can't wait to see the new site. Beta hype :D

Edit: By next week , do you guys mean upcoming week or the week after?

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Cant wait for the new website, also the concept by Nyra is awesome and same for the glider :*
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pc is ready to handle UE4 engines. will see how it scales between mid-range hardware and entry-level hardware

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Nice work guys!:D 
the church is looking good, really hyped for open beta

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Nice, maybe try some flying effect like wind lines or something next to the wings

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