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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #17 (New textures, new 3D model)


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Hello community!

While our engineers are preparing the next Alpha week to be playable soon, our art department has been working hard on creating new models and textures for the game.
Right below you can see a 3D model of a Talent called "Agent Duck." (Textures are soon to come!) How do you like it? Do you have any feedback to give?
Tell us your thoughts!

While Agent Duck is still waiting for textures, some other textures have been added to the game.
At the following image you can see brand new Cobblestone textures for some parts of the ground:

Also the church received fancy stained glass window:

And last but not least, we would like to show you a streetview with potential pool party opportunities!
(Please do keep in mind that several textures are not finished yet and they will be added into the game as soon as they've been finished!)

What do you think about these? Feel free to leave feedback and comments right below!🙂

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Q u a c k yes yes 20

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Hell Quack, Yes! 😍

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The helmet this duck is wearing is very very unsafe. Please change this

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Great work Devs
Please fix the 20 character thing Danny

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keep it up <3 I love you guys

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That duck looks amazing, I wonder what that talent will be... also cant freaking wait on the next (and my first) alphaweek!!
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Looks awesome
Damn i didn't follow rgline for to long, now im back and im hyped for the next alpha week :D

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Grassgrow said on 2017-10-06T21:28:59+02:00 in Newspost Friday #17 (New textures, new 3D model):
That duck looks amazing, I wonder what that talent will be... also cant freaking wait on the next (and my first) alphaweek!!

It's a talent for the spotter! Agent duck helps spotting enemies after throwing him in the air!

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