Friday Newspost #9 —

Last Friday we held a livestream and showed our viewers a lot of new content. For those who may have missed the stream and still would like to check out what we were talking about during the stream, you can rewatch the stream here:
We thank everyone who joined us and came by to check the stream!
Also, you may or may not be aware that our webdeveloper RV_Danny is working on a brand new design for the Renegade Line website.
Some aspects of the website need to get polished before the design can be fully implemented and it will also be improved with an awesome modern touch. Meanwhile we are waiting for the fresh look, we would like to give you a sneak peek beforehand in order to see what is coming soon!


Hey you! Not so fast...

We are working hard on the game and the website at the moment, unfortunately we are not ready to show you that page yet.

Please keep an eye out on our latest news and our social media channels, we will keep you up-to-date!

Are you excited? We are ;)