Friday Newspost #10 —

Hello community!

While the holiday season is still going on, our developers have been working on the new Renegade Line patch. Currently we are having a bug, which prevents us from releasing the new game version. Our programmers are working hard to resolve this issue and provide you with the latest new update as soon as possible. We know you have been waiting for quite a while now, but please have some more patience, it will be worth it!
While having technical problems, our designers and artists have continued their awesome work and today we are going to show you buildings created by Romain, RV_RDurand who is crazy talented and recently joined RV Games as a new 3D artist. (So be nice and say "Hi" )

First house without textures:
Second house featuring lighting settings without textures:
The same house again with textures: 
And now, after you've seen another new building of upcoming new map, we would like to show you a brand new clothing set. We appreciate any kind of feedback you could provide us, so please tell us what you think about this new Resident set:

Click HERE to give us some feedback!


Hey you! Not so fast...

We are working hard on the game and the website at the moment, unfortunately we are not ready to show you that page yet.

Please keep an eye out on our latest news and our social media channels, we will keep you up-to-date!

Are you excited? We are ;)