Happy New Year —

We wish everyone a happy new year.

Since it's a tradition to welcome New Year with a bang, we couldn't resist but give you something to (hopefully) blow your mind:
A FREE and LIMITED New Year shirt for everyone who backed us before the 6th of January 2017!
Once Kickstarter campaign is over, you will receive an email where you can choose which sweatshirt you would like to have.
These sweatshirts aren't faction restricted, so ANY faction can wear ANY sweatshirt.

CLICK HERE to see the sweatshirts and tell us which one you will get.


Hey you! Not so fast...

We are working hard on the game and the website at the moment, unfortunately we are not ready to show you that page yet.

Please keep an eye out on our latest news and our social media channels, we will keep you up-to-date!

Are you excited? We are ;)