Alpha is postponed until further notice —

Dear fans, community and supporters,

Most of you have probably realized the decline in updates and news. Now it's time to put the cards on the table and show you what we have...and what we don't have.
The past 2 months were incredibly exciting for us. With the launch of the Renegade Line Alpha we finally were able to show everyone our game and give people the chance to test and play what we have been working on for the past 3 years.

Unfortunately the great feeling of the (semi) succesful Alpha launch was abruptly ended with version 0.1.2. While the first patch worked well and could be playtested, the "new" version 0.1.2. should soon show us how difficult game development can be when you have people waiting for updates and you having a deadline in form of a playtest on your back.

Let's be totally honest now: The third Alpha test we told you that we "need to stress - and stability test the servers and for comparable data we need to use the old 0.1.1 version instead of the new one." That was a cheap excuse, as simple as that. Fact is that we didn't manage to get the new version (0.1.2) working and even worse, we didn't know what is causing the error and how to fix it. Kind of like finding the needle in a haystack.

What is the issue? At first we didn't get the new version to run on the game servers. When we fixed that, the server couldn't communicate with the game client.
We continued work on the game, trying to fix this cursed version until the start of the next Alpha test (the one from 2 weeks ago). Well, you already know that we failed and didn't manage to fix the error.

For the past 5 weeks we are now trying to get version 0.1.2 to work.There are moments of relieve, where the server works and we think we got it. But these moments don't last long and we soon are back at searching for the error again. It's really frustrating for us, but even more so for you guys. You want to play and test the game, you believe in us and we let you down again and again. We do all this work for you, to give you the game you deserve and it hurts us to disappoint our supporters and fans.

This message is incredibly hard for us to write, but we came to the conclusion that we have to postpone the Alpha until we have fixed that issue and everything works perfectly again. It could only take us 1 more week or 1 more month.

To end on some good news:
While our programmers are working on finding and fixing the error, other departments have made great progress:

  • The 3D character models (Wicked and Resident) are finished.
  • The new characters are getting their animations right now.
  • We have about 100 clothing items in the work. (Quite a few are already finished.)
  • The new map is being worked on : Concepts for assets are done, layout concept is about to be completed.
  • A new HUD (heads up display) is currently being implemented into the game.
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Raw Vengeance Team


Hey you! Not so fast...

We are working hard on the game and the website at the moment, unfortunately we are not ready to show you that page yet.

Please keep an eye out on our latest news and our social media channels, we will keep you up-to-date!

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