Press kit

Raw Vengeance Games
Based in Germany

Founding date:
Early 2014

Windows PC (initial release)

Third-person cartoon shooter



Release date:

About RenegadeLine

Renegade Line is a F2P multiplayer 3rd person cartoon shooter, taking place after World War II. The two factions Wickeds and Residents face each other to fight for victory on a variety of maps with a lot of different game modes. The teams consist of multiple classes of their respective factions, each class has their own abilities as well as a variety of different weapons and outfits. RenegadeLine is made by players for players, we try to involve the community as much as possible in our decisions regarding content and gameplay to provide a fair game also in respect of a competitive system.

About Raw Vengeance Games

RV Games was founded in early 2014. We are a qualified development team situated in Germany with international partners, and we are working with Unreal Engine 4. Our Team consists of 13 members each with profound experience in several areas, including coding, web and graphic design, animation, marketing and others. We have teamed up to create a game studio that caters to the suggestions and criticisms of the community as much as possible and above anything else.



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