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 Alerts and news Steam Alpha #4


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Jäsen alkaen: 2016-02-21 04:39:45

Alpha Week is here!
spread the word...

  • RV at Gamescom

  • Chris aka Chrizko, Nico aka Nyra, and Sinisa aka SenseiHaketon assisted the event, a lot of chats were had, pitchs were made, and we hope to be able to go forward from here, thanks to everyone!

    it was nice to meet you all!

  • New Content for V0.2.2.1

  • Even though we had such a rough time during the development, due to some staff changes and some really valuable friends moving forward with their life and projects, we actually got some stuff to share and test (and some new members as well):

    • New Map blockout "Town"

      Yup, an entirely new map! (conquest ready), a simple early blockout we want to test with the community, tell us how you feel about it!

    • Knife
      Knife Attack is ready to go!

      What are you waiting for?, go hack-and-slash crazy!

    • Minibomb
      Small surprise for the enemy...BOOM!

  • Future Content

  • We got some new developed content that is not implemented yet...

    It's a bit weird to walk underwater, huh?, Swimming has been added, but animations are still not done yet, the Talent System is being refactored, and we're also developing an API to track different stuff in the game, like every hit, every action and every kill...

    Keep an eye for this ones on the future!

  • Patchnotes

  • This week we released the v0.2.2.1 update on Steam. All new features whill be detailed in our patchnotes thread closer to release, on the thread below!

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Jäsen alkaen: 2018-08-10 19:10:31
Hi guys,

my first try and several things are kind of going wrong.

First: the Full screen is not full screen its windowed but cant be put out of reach of the taskbar so everytime i look on the ground or moove my mouse to fast my taskbar is blocking my game... this makes me kind of sad...
You said that Steam has the update 2.2, but i only see on the launcher that this is the version of 2.00 and Steam say its up to date.
The assault rifle from the wickeds has a sound problem and both assault rifles are dropping so hard damage on distance that its impossible to kill a thief out of distance with this thing.
The accesoices on the launcher are completly displaced. This is no fun.
I dont expect a full battelfied heroes at the Alpha. But if you are a new player there is´nt a hint when you get acess to the other abilityes. So is it possible to at least cross them out if you dont have the reqired level? The Carakter creation says often invalid hair or skin. I dont get why.
I have a lot of hope that this game could be better than battelfield heroes. The good old days are over.
Sorry for the long critic and the bad grammar..

Thank you very much to create such a game. The fanbase is there. We are only waiting for the game.

Yous thankfully


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Jäsen alkaen: 2016-10-17 19:47:28
Maybe Beta Release 2022! One month and almost nothing accomplished, im not hating, just sad it's going this slow. Almost lost all of my interest in this game. There is almost nothing that are being done each month. Don't hate on me cause im saying this but it's true! This will never be a big game when it takes forever just releasing the beta!

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Jäsen alkaen: 2016-10-17 19:47:28
I wonder how many that actually are playing during the tests havnt seen more then 1 player online since the test in june!
sk4terfr3akKeskustelut: 0
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Jäsen alkaen: 2017-03-25 12:27:30
i have bought the pass because i wanted to play a game thats related to bfh. now i have to see, that nobody is playing this game. i havent played a full match since this game was released. this is very annoying. maybe you could add a view, where the players can see how many other players are online.
renifer10025Keskustelut: 0
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Jäsen alkaen: 2017-01-22 22:16:42
I don't know if nobody play Renegade Line, but when i try to play it won't connect me to any server, and even show me any items.
And when i log in to my account I can't see anything about buying closed alpha key, I mean i bought it and i can't find anything like "Play" button or "Download Game"
Can someone help me please?
That.Damn.BlokeKeskustelut: 7
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Jäsen alkaen: 2016-04-18 05:55:51
I'm impressed, keep up the good work lads!
KerzoKeskustelut: 0
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Jäsen alkaen: 2016-01-17 01:25:34
Good work guys, im impatiant to play the game !
OriginalsKeskustelut: 6
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Jäsen alkaen: 2015-10-17 22:01:26
Keep the good work going guys, looking forward to next aplha.
YarugbarKeskustelut: 1
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Jäsen alkaen: 2015-12-13 18:17:34
Me too. I'll have to see îf I even have the time to play.

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