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 Alerts and news Steam Alpha #5


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Jäsen alkaen: 2016-02-21 04:39:45

Steam Alpha #5

Dear Wickeds and Residents!
It's great to be back with you all again...!

Alpha test will start on Friday October 26th at 6PM CEST and last until Sunday 28th at 6PM CEST.
During the testing weekend, we will check all the reworks that has been done to the game, along with all the fixes to the engine.

We really missed you!

It's been a difficult month for the team with further departures and new arrivals, a lot of changes had to be done to the project that forced extra unforeseen work that while lengthy, allowed us to also enable future features for the game.

Certain plugins that were extensively used in the past had to be reworked and repurposed, firstly because said plugins were abandoned or incompatible with our current work, and secondly because the only people that worked or knew about them had already left the team, leaving no members able to maintain them and making us unable to move forward.

We had most info explained within our Discord channel (remember to join it!), but still forced most work to be just focused in the background for both the engine and the project, as we pushed the talents change and fixes as the only noticeable gameplay features (but not the only fixes!).

With all that said, this also opened the doors to possible work and changes needed for the game, like matchmaker which is now a possibility, and also prompted necessary fixes some of the team were not aware of (server list was hardcoded into the game?, nuh huh, that had to go).

Work is still going forward regarding the search for a Publisher, but be sure this game will be released regardless of the status of it.

The work so far...

So what's going on?, we have both fixes and new additions to the game, along with prepared changes that are not implemented yet:

  • Features
    This is new implemented systems and subsystems.

    • New Tank talent...it's...a blast...

    • Implementation of Steam-online subsystem, in preparation to get more information from server (like player count, map name, possibility to connect to servers via Steam-Serverlist (for future), preparation for future matchmaking.
      (That’s why we had to rework the whole online subsystem and game session.).

    • Reworking the loading screens, because of different issues with old plugins, implemented now with engine options with the update of UE 4.20

    • First statistic data, which map has been played for how long and which game mode are now stored.

    • The Italy_Hill map was developed further (more assets and more progress on the map design).

    • Reworked the whole talent system, improving the usability for developers to change, balance, and optimize talents.
      (This was started on the previous update, but it's now completed).

    • We did some adjustment to the server list, because of the server list implementation with new game session, but also to show more information.
      (This is just a quick “workaround” solution and will be improved for the next version).

  • Bug Fixes

  • Everything that got corrected from previous releases.

    • Fixed parachute not being invisible while using Chameleon.

    • Adjusted Grenade throw distance.

    • Fixed Surprise Trap bug (too many traps placeable).

    • Removed screen VFX-Effect for Adrenaline remaining after finishing.

    • Fixed sound was playing sometimes after Adrenaline finished.

    • Fixed sound of RPG not disappearing at the spawn protection.

    • Fixed Agent Duck VFX not disappearing after Agent Duck crashed

    • Fixed Agent Duck ScreenUI not stopping after you started another talent.

    • Fixed shotgun spread for the first shot.

    • Fixed Killcam not being deleted by Endscreen.

    • Balanced Shadow Step by lowering distance.

    • Small balance changes to talents.

    • Adjusted movement speed of all classes.

  • Prepared but not implemented

  • Here...but not there yet...work in progress.

    • At the moment we are working a lot on “backend stuff”, we have now continued the work of our API for the UserData/GetUserData like characters, class, style, but also to save and load more information, like inventory, exp, level

    • The style and functionality of the Main Menu will be improved a lot to fix issues like we have atm with the inventory system.

A note from Jogl, one of our cofounders.

We had to rework a lot and invest a lot of time in Bugfixing and removing old outdated codeparts, so we had to invest few weeks to bring everything back to work, but we decided to use the latest version of the Unreal Engine (also for the future) because of the improvements of functionality and performance, because we want to give you the best experience as possible.

This is something we have to do to publish an agile game for the future, that’s the best solution, but it means sometimes we have to invest a lot of time to make everything work the best as posisble, and that’s why we have to rework elements that sometimes are abandoned and not working as it should.

Be sure to join our channel!


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Jäsen alkaen: 2016-02-03 09:55:05
I didn't even know about some of these changes! Be seeing you real soon.

On another note, i really need to get a new signature..

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Jäsen alkaen: 2015-10-18 12:37:33
Really excited about the the next closed alpha.
RapikPLKeskustelut: 1
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Jäsen alkaen: 2017-11-10 11:25:34
where is download game link?
DavidDuarteKeskustelut: 0
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Jäsen alkaen: 2016-01-15 19:41:20
How do I enter the game? I have the alpha key but I do not have installed... I cant find the download link

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Jäsen alkaen: 2016-05-11 22:45:53
DavidDuarte sanoi 2018-10-28T16:59:47+01:00 kohteessa Steam Alpha #5:
How do I enter the game? I have the alpha key but I do not have installed... I cant find the download link

RapikPL sanoi 2018-10-27T20:22:16+02:00 kohteessa Steam Alpha #5:
where is download game link?

Go to your items on the Renegade Line Website > Copy the steam key > Go to your steam > Find Activate a product on steam > Put in the steam code you copied > Install the game > Done.
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Jäsen alkaen: 2018-07-13 18:55:38
I'm quite new here, and I am a BFH vet. I was wondering if you could answer my question:
Are the rubber-like bodies of the characters a deliberate choice? or is this something that will be removed?
bearbeardKeskustelut: 0
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Jäsen alkaen: 2017-07-02 07:27:44
Is there any active servers?
Reddot666Keskustelut: 0
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Jäsen alkaen: 2018-02-05 20:44:50
so here the thing i bought a alpha key and i try to put it in steam on steam but they tell me there no renegade line on steam why??? why i cant find the access to he game you too my money and i cant even play thats bad :(
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Jäsen alkaen: 2017-02-06 15:46:40
Reddot666 sanoi 2018-11-02T16:45:43+01:00 kohteessa Steam Alpha #5:
so here the thing i bought a alpha key and i try to put it in steam on steam but they tell me there no renegade line on steam why??? why i cant find the access to he game you too my money and i cant even play thats bad :(

You can play, go to your Items and there is your key, open steam and insert key on steam :)

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