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Hi there and welcome to the Renegade Line forums!

To keep our forums nice and enjoyable for everyone, there are a few rules that everyone has to follow. Honestly, all of them are pretty straightforward and are common sense, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to mention them anyway, so here we go:

  1. Be friendly to other players and treat people with respect. Refrain from using vulgar language and swearing.
  2. No discrimination, bullying or racism — You may not insult players based on religion, race, sex, political beliefs or sexual orientation. Do not pick on other players and do not start "Flaming wars".
  3. No flaming — We all have our own opinion, some may differ from yours. Do not flame someone for disagreeing with you or any other reason.
  4. No trolling — Do not intentionally post controversial or contrary messages to invoke other players.
  5. No spamming — Please refrain from posting spam or anything that does not serve any purpose.
  6. Post in English — To make the forums accessible and understandable for everyone, try to post in English. Difficulties with English is no problem, use Google Translate in the worst case. Posts written in any other language than English are allowed, as long as an English translation is provided in the same post.
  7. No harmful content
    • Seizure inducing, flashing, offensive, sexual or otherwise disturbing images are not allowed, this includes but is not limited to optical illusions and images containing regular changes in colour and/or contrast.
    • Links to phising sites.
    • Links to other harmful content, such as trojans and/or viruses of any kind.
  8. No advertising — If you are unsure if you may publish a link or something similar, feel free to contact a RV team member.
    • Commercial websites or any kind of paid product or service.
    • Affiliate links or websites that get users to generate hit counts, offer prizes for joining and completing tasks.
  9. No personal information — Never post personal information, such as passwords, address, social security number etc. on the forums. Any personal information spotted by the moderation team will be removed immediately.
  10. No inappropiate thread subjects
    • Any thread subject that does not make sense or does not have anything to do with the content.
    • "Help me" "I need help" "I have a question" "READ ME" "URGENT"
  11. No politics & religion — Do not involve politics and religion in the forums. Everyone is entitled to their views and opinions.
  12. No naming & shaming


In addition to the forum rules we have several other rules for signatures:
  1. The maximum file size for a signature of all images (text not included) combined is 500KB.
  2. Replicas of the RV Team or forum moderators signatures are prohibited.

Breaking the rules

Breaking the rules repeatedly will result in a punishment. Punishments are issued by the RV Team or forum moderators.
  1. Warning: A warning is an official note on your profile that mentions which rule(s) you have broke(n). All the RV Team and forum moderators can see previous warnings, the amount and reason of warnings on your profile may have influence on any future punishments. This is decided by the RV Team or forum moderator.
  2. Temporary ban: This is where you are not able to post on the forums for a certain period of time.
  3. Permanent ban: You can no longer post on the forums.

Appealing a forum ban

Temporary bans cannot be appealed. Permanent bans can only be appealed by sending a private message to one of the RV team members.

Reporting players

When a player breaks any of the rules above, you may report the post by clicking on the "Report" button on the bottom of the post. Once your report has been sent, a moderator will look into your report as soon as possible.

Moderation team

You can recognize the moderation team by the black or blue background color of their post. Black posts are from the RV Team members and blue posts are from the forum moderation team members.

These rules may be updated at any time, even without your notice. By using the forums you acknowledge that you agree to these rules and you will obey them.

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