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Interview with RV_Chrizko

Hey RenegadeLine Community,
You voted for him and here is the interview featuring RV_Chrizko, who is not just our marketing direrctor, but also founder of RawVengeance. He is responsible for alot of different things and to some people his name might already sound familiar.
You have ideas for questions or feedback? Feel free to share everything with us HERE

Generale Information about RV_Chrizko:

Name: Christoph

Age: 19

Nationality: German

Founded RV: March 2014

Position: Boss and marketing director

The Interview

What is your role on the team?
I am the marketing director and one of the three leaders on the Raw Vengeance team.

Could you explain how you are leading the team?
I work a lot in the area project management. I make concepts and also set up the time schedule. I’m also responsible for hiring new people for our team. When we are looking for new members I usually write job advertisements on various forums and websites and also deal with the job applications from people who want to work at RawVengeance.
I also create documents, take part in important meetings and decide what is going to be implemented into the game and what isn’t.

What do you like most about your work on the game?
Phew, that’s a good question. I love everything about it, but in particular I like that we are able to excite a lot of people with the game or, better said: We really aspire to make people happy about the game and that is the main reason we work so hard, in order to accomplish perfection with RenegadeLine. We want to create the best game possible for our community.
The development overall is just fascinating, if you consider where we started versus where we are now, it really is a crazy jump. Of course all these little steps took a pretty long time, since Renegade Line is RV's first game. But still, seeing the progress of our company is amazing, I mean, at the beginning we were 3 people and now we are more than 15 people on the team, but seeing how the game grows and moves forward, like when houses and Models get finished, when the character suddenly starts walking and things like that, these are really great moments, and it's incredible to look back and see how far we've come as a collective.

What does a typical workday look like for you?
This really differs a lot. Often I have conversations with Johannes or Paul or Thomas or Leander or Dominik or other colleagues of mine about different things, like what should be included into the game and how things should be included as well as how the game should look. It’s often the case that we talk about this so that the person who is working on it later really has a clear image of what needs to be done.
Other than that the work I do is mostly writing documents like the Game Design Document (GDD). I write down everything about the game and take notes and think about the game. Of course, that's not as exciting as modeling a character.

What have you been working on so far?
In the very beginning, I wanted to go into the development with the Unreal Engine 4, but realized that my other work just took too much time. I’m saying most time is used for these discussions and conversations about a lot of different things. “Are we going to implement this into RenegadeLine?”, “will it fit into the game?”. ´´So, most of the time is used for these types of conversations.
Otherwise a big part was finding people, which also took a long time, because I’m constantly looking for people to hire and it is quite hard to find good developers who have enough knowledge, work for free and are willing to invest the amount of time we require for RenegadeLine, around 10-20 hours per week. So basically, I create various documents to archive the things we do in Renegade Line and make the decisions about what should and shouldn't be implemented.

What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment on the game so far?
Good question, it's hard to say. Let me think really quick….so, uhm, one example is that I was really excited when Danny joined the team. I mean, he applied and I was quite surprised that someone applied who has so much knowledge and is so devoted to his expertise and is so insanely talented, like really knows a lot. He created a website in like 3 days, which is insane. But of course I’m proud of everyone who joined the team.

I was under the impression you considered the GDD your biggest Renegade Line-related accomplishment?
Well, the GDD isn’t complete, yet. It’s constantly being worked on and improved, but is close to being finished and now contains around 30 pages. Meanwhile I also re-wrote it and almost completely changed it, so that it is better structured and easier to understand.

People might not know what the GDD is. Could you explain it please?
A Game Design Document (GDD) contains all the things related to the game, which aren’t on the technical side of things. There are two main documents in Game Development: The Game Design Document (GDD) and the Technical Design Document (TDD). In the GDD you have things like which abilities are in the game, then you have all kind of things like which classes, factions, background information, which outfits will be in the game, which weapon skins will be included and also the description of the ranking- and leveling-system. So, you see, there are a lot of different things which are necessary for the development of the game, and the GDD and TDD both provide a convenient place for devs to look this stuff up. Having a single place where the devs can look and say “Okay, how is that supposed to look or work”, is incredibly helpful, and it creates a place where everything about the game is in a structured document for use by anyone on our team.

Sounds like a huge document, have you been working on it all by yourself?
[Laughs] Well, Julian, that’s you, and Vicki, did help me, but other than those 2 (hope I didn’t forget anyone), I did everything myself.

What is the latest implementation into the game?
The latest feature was, well, we recently created new mountains, which will be implemented now. This should make the game look better. A texture is replaced by models/objects and the latest implementation is and will be houses for the map. We have a “wooden style” planed for the map including wooden houses and a wooden dam. Those are pretty much all the latest improvements.
And yesterday [12.11.2015] we played RenegadeLine on a server against each other and tested the multiplayer looking for mistakes and testing, if everything is working like it should. And so far everything was working fine, which made us feel very proud and happy, since the test was such a success.

What is it like to be the boss of so many people?
It’s great, but on the other hand, well, you see, I have a lot of responsibility for everything and this is quite a burden sometimes. And I also have to decide a lot of big things. For example, sometimes we have big discussions about little things and whether or not they should be implemented, as well as how they should look. This is something that takes a lot of energy to be honest. I mean, as a developer, where you’re just implementing stuff, or as a player, you don't see these things. You don’t just determine something or develop it and then it’s perfect, instead a massive amount of things are being discussed again and again and this always costs a lot of energy to be one who has the power to decide these things. Also, the responsibility about what we are going to do next is pretty big, since when we make a mistake it negatively impacts the development and later on it may even affect the game and the game suffers because of it. This can be quite stressful at times.
But other than that, it’s nice to have the lead, because leading and organizing things is something I really enjoy doing and it's a lot of fun for me.

It’s a long way away, but what is your wish for the future of RV and RenegadeLine?

Ehm, my wishes….well, my biggest wish is being able to finish the game the way we want. If we can finish it the way it is planned in our heads and on paper, I think we can attract a big number of players. This is basically my biggest wish.
Another big wish of mine is that RenegadeLine has a strong competitive scene, with clans and where we can organize tournaments and support the clanscene in any way possible. That`s something I would really enjoy being a part of.

What is your full-time occupation?
I’m currently an apprentice in informatics specializing in software development. There I write software code, though I mostly work on website design and website programing, since I like that better than programing software. So, that’s what I do.

What do your friends and family think about this project, now that it’s development is at a pretty advanced state?
At the beginning, how can you say it, at the beginning it made them smile. They always said “Yeah, he is developing a game…” and now, since you can see that we aren’t just 3 people, but a team of 15 developers and you can really show progress, their opinion has changed. My parents, my family and my friends know the game and totally support me, which I find really cool.
At the beginning they always said “Yeah, you just develop your game”. Nobody really believed that something is coming out of it and by now they see it more realistically, that indeed something big might come out.

If you had to pick a bodyguard from a video game, which character would you choose?
If you expect me to say something realistic, I would say Hitman.

What do you like to do in your free time, when you are not commanding people around?
[Laughs] Ah, different things. I like to play soccer, I also play in a soccer club and additionally I like to go to the gym.
Apart from that I really like to play computer games. I definitely prefer PC games over consoles; I don't play console games at all, except FIFA 16.

What kind of games are you playing?
Well, it’s quite mixed to be honest. Generally I like to play shooter games.
[Laughs] Who doesn’t like shooters, when he is developing shooters? [Laughs]
I have also found "League Of Legends" to be a cool MOBA game that I enjoy. Other than that it’s mostly shooters. I don’t have time for larger games like MMORPGS.
In my opinion multiplayer games take up a lot of your time, since you play with your friends, so I think singleplayer games are cool. When other people are always online and you play with them, then you want to play as long with them as possible and you are also pressured to stay on the same skill level as them and since I don’t have that much time to play games, I usually play singleplayer games, if I play games.

What Singleplayer games do you like to play?
Well, one I already played through and I will play again is “Hitman: Absolution”. My all time favourite game is “Mafia 2”. That game is just really awesome, I like the mafia flair and that it takes part in the 1940s or 1950s. It’s really cool that you play as a Mafioso. I think I've already played through the game like 4-5 times and unfortunately the story is really short, but I really really like that game.

Agent, Spotter, Tank or Sniper? What's your kind of playstyle?
That’s a good question, I think I would mostly play the Spotter. Yeah, that’s the class I will spend most of my time with.

Why, care to explain?
On the one hand it’s the weapons, which I think are really cool and on the other hand the abilities, which the Spotter will have.

As always, thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed this little interview. Please don't forget to give us your feedback HERE. There you can also discuss this interview and ask additional questions, in case you still would like to know something about Chris, the game or the development. ;)

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