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Interview with RV_qwedeath

Hey RenegadeLine Community,
this time I interviewed Vlad, our new 3D artist. He is really talented and recently joined the team, but has already created quite a few objects for RenegadeLine. So when you see him browsing through the forums and posting, give him a nice welcome.

You have questions or want to discuss this interview? Feel free to share everything with us HERE

General Information about RV_qwedeath:

Name: Vlad

Age: 22

Nationality: Russian

Joined RV: January 2016

Position: 3D Artist

The Interview

Since you recently joined the team, would you please introduce yourself to the community?
Hello, my name is Vlad, I am 22 years old and I am doing environment assets for RenegadeLine.
How did you get into 3D art?
Oh that was a long time ago, I was interested how games are created. First I was playing with UDK (=Unreal Development Kit) doing some environments as a level designer while my friend was doing 3D art, but it was just playing around, not anything serious. After I have graduated as a programmer, I knew that I don't want to be a programmer. I've returned to the games industry and started learning 3D art, since I like it the most. Before that I was trying to do some 2D art, but that was a mistake [Laughs] Now I am doing freelance work as a 3D artist, it was a long and hard way to learn things by myself.
Ah ok, any tips for someone who also wants to become a 3D artist?
First and the most important - don't give up, there will be a lot of moments when things will go wrong but that's a part of learning. I would recommend Polycount - this is the best source for learning and of course YouTube with all these tutorials and stuff, also its good to work in a team even if you are doing a rev-share project and working for free, its always a big experience. But practice is all you need actually, choose your favorite style and do some models. [Laughs]
That's a really nice answer. What program(s)are you using for your work?
I am using 3Ds Max for modeling and UV unwrapping, zBrush for sculpting, xNormal for baking, Adobe PS for texturing, 3D Coat for texturing handpainted objects, TopoGun for retopology, CrazyBump for various map creation, Substance tools like Designer and Painter for texturing realistic stuff and of course Unreal Engine 4 for rendering and testing assets for RenegadeLine.
That's a whole lot of programs [Laughs]
Can you give me a short run down of the work process from the start to the finished 3D model?
Any model begins with a concept, first I am doing basic low poly mesh which we discuss later, if everything is ok I am doing high poly sculpt and maps baking, after this I am creating diffuse texture and final tweaks - this is how it works in short. [Laughs]
Interesting, but what is "map baking"? Haven't heard of it, yet.
Map baking is a process where a program calculates differences between low polygonal mesh and high polygonal mesh to create Normal maps which will create the illusion of details on the model like cracks, chipped edges, etc. Basically normal maps are giving the illusion of depth and complexity on the models by controlling lighting . There are many different maps that you can bake, but we are using only Normal maps.

So one thing I always wanted to know is: How do you put a texture on something and how do you create a texture?
Texturing starts from UV unwrapping the model, unwrapping is a process where you place pieces of 3D model onto 2D canvas so you can actually texture them. The next
step is actual texturing in Photoshop, I start by combining already baked maps into a grayscale 'value' map. After that I colorize everything and do little details, final step is polishing and doing some tweaks with the team.

So lets say you have an object like a rock with a lot of details on it. That is all painted on it by hand in photoshop?
No, all the details are coming from previously done high poly sculpt, I convert already baked normal map to various maps then I blend it into Photoshop to get all the lighting information and build the small details. This approach saves a lot of time and is really efficient.
Ok. What would you say is the toughest part when working as a 3D artist?
Toughest part is when you get the task to do a model, but you are not provided with a concept. It is really hard for me to do concepts and collect references for something. I think concept drawing is a lifesaver skill for a 3D artist, it will save you a lot of time, but I am bad at it [Laughs] Another struggle is time, even the smallest asset in RenegadeLine takes a lot of time for me. On the other hand we got normal maps on the models (which do a lot) and a good texture quality combined with flexibility of assets.
Haha, then I'm sure you are happy that we got another concept artist with Nelio.
Do you have a favorite 3D object that you created? Something were you say "I'm really proud of it".
Oh, that is a good question. I like what I am doing for 1-2 days, then I start to notice what I can improve and change. [Laughs]Currently I have a lot of room to improve, but I like my latest work:
It's a handpainted mace from WoW. I like to do classic assets and improve painting skills. Pretty much all the assets I've done for RenegadeLine pushed my skills really much in all aspects and I like them.

That looks awesome. Do you also have a favorite step when it comes to creating 3D objects?
Thanks, I like sculpting more than the others I think, its relaxing, I like working with the drawing tablet, I like making small details and polish high poly models. It's kind of freestyle in the working pipeline. I also like to create emissive maps, these are maps that control glowing parts of the model, I like glowing things.
You recently joined RawVengeance, but already made a few objects for us: Which objects did you make so far and was there
anything tricky creating them?

I've created the dam, modular bridge, houses, and different small props. Challenging were the houses.I was trying to create 2 types of houses on a single 2k texture map with decent quality, that was really hard to do, but I did it . Also the dam was a bit of a trouble because it's a really big object and I needed to separate it into parts.
Nice, so what are you working on currently?
Currently I'm working on new texture for the cliffs and stones, old ones need a bit of rework. [Laughs]
Ok, what do you like to do in your free time?
I'm just playing games, learning something new from 3D world, browsing recent artworks. Besides the computer, I'm learning how to play drums and riding bmx.
Which game do you like to play?
I like RPGs, especially Diablo II and III. I also play WoW and some Dota 2 with friends.
Since you said you learn how to play drums: What kind of music do you like to listen to and what are your favorite bands?
I like many genres, but my favorite is pop-punk/Midwest emo/math rock and my favorite bands are: Tiny Moving Parts, The Wonder Years, Color Dreams, Pacific Nomadic, For Against, Maybeshewill.
So far I didn't get a yes to this questions: Are you watching sports or a fan of a sports club?
Oh no, I don't like any traditional sport, it's a bit boring for me to watch them.
In which one of the the 3D objects you made forRenegadeLine (even the dam) would you like to live in? [Laughs]
I would definitely live on the top of the dam tower, I think it's a good place to settle.

That's it for this interview. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed reading it as much as Vlad and I had fun producing it. If you have questions, ideas or even feedback about the map, feel free to post everything HERE
If you want to make sure Vlad doesn't miss your post, tag him with @RV_qwedeath and he will get a notification. ;)

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