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Interview with RV_OmniPresence

Hey RenegadeLine Community,

I'm sure you have already seen his weapon concept shown on our homepage and social media pages. RV_OmniPresence is our young and talented concept artist, who isn't just responsible for weapon concepts, but also for the skybox and even abilities. When you have an eye on the forums, you surely have already seen him posting, since he is no stranger to these forums and really likes to respond to the communitys' feedback, questions and suggestions.

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General Information about RV_OmniPresence:

Name: Nelio

Age: 20

Nationality: Portuguese (Brazilian at heart)

Joined RV: December 2015

Position: Concept Artist

The Interview

Since some people might not know: What is a concept artist doing?
I pretty much design the stuff that I think should be in the game before anyone else. Let’s say Chris needs a weapon of some sorts. My job is to think of a good weapon design, which I will proceed to send him and he will say if he likes it or not, which then will be modeled in 3D by our 3D artists. This happens not only with weapons, but also with abilities, effects and skyboxes. I simply think of things that maybe the 3D artist could not think of and then they simply realize it in their own way, which might be a little different from mine because I don’t have to respect certain rules, so you won’t see my concepts 100% in 3D.
Ah ok, but why is a concept artist needed? Can’t an animator or 3D artist just create everything on their own?
Well, this allows us to have more freedom to discuss between the team. So, let’s say, Markus wants to create something, he says “Look, can you help out with that sniper, I don’t have the time to do it”. So this kinda speeds up the process and then I can show it to Chris, which allows him to have a better input before Markus takes actual time to create the 3D model. It’s actually faster this way because we can reach an agreement more easily.
And what got you into concept art?
So this is kind of a funny, long story, because actually before doing this I have never drawn using Photoshop. I only did photo manipulation. So it was like back in September or August, I don’t remember now, where Fiktio sent me a message saying “Oh look, Chris is looking for an artist for the game and I recommended you” and I was like “Alright, I will try”. Fiktio actually thought I did plenty of drawing before, but I never did. So I then spoke with Chris and he said “We need an artist and I think you might fill the deal, so what do you think?”. Back then in September, mind you, I still had a job, so I couldn’t accept it back then. But a few months later, I think in December, after I was fired (that guy still owes me money…like 200€, but that’s not important)…anyhow, I was then available to do the job again. But instead of going to Chris saying “I’m free to do the job now”, because I knew that you guys already have Leander, I decided to just do weapons and it just turned out Chris liked the weapons and he asked me “Can you do more of them?” and I was like “Sure” and yeah, it just happened I guess.
[Laughs] Interesting story. So you joined RV not so long ago, did you even have enough time so far to create some concept arts?
I-create-a lot, tho I don’t only do weapons, since I think it’s important to point that out. I also do abilities and there are a lot of them. I also did, like I mentioned, the skybox, which is pretty much the sky of the game. So when you are playing the game and you look up, that’s my job and…you’re welcome.

Some people might remember the first concept art we showed to the community. It was made by you.
Ya and… I don’t know, but the response of the community was a little…not bad, but mixed because the weapon is a little different than anything else that has been on video games. The gun was shown first for a reason. I wanted to clear out that we are not trying to do realistic weapons and we first picked this example, which is perhaps the most extreme due to the whole ridiculousness of the weapon. I think people kinda were just like “oh, they aren’t doing an AK-47” or whatever. So I think it was important that we released that weapon in that time to give people an ideia* of what we are doing. This didn’t went well with everyone, but that was kind of to be expected because we build this ideia*, even on the first few 3D models, which were posted a long time ago, that we are doing realistic weapons. Yeah, it was important to release that weapon in order to sort of change some minds in the community.
Indeed, the feedback was quite mixed. Would you like to explain your thought process behind the weapon and also reveal it’s name?
So the weapon name first of all will be “One Winged Angel”. Now about my thought process: I have no ideia*. So these things just pop up in my head. I might be doing something else and suddenly I am like “Hu, this could be a great weapon”. This specific weapon actually happened when I was watching the trailer for Final Fantasy 15, because in Final Fantasy 7 there was a guy called Sephiroth or something like that and he only had 1 wing and I was like “oh, that’s pretty sweet, I wonder if I can make a weapon based on that”. Tho obviously some think it’s a broom, which it’s not, it’s actually a wing.
And this example goes to every weapon I do and even abilities. I don’t have a thought process per se, but think of things and I just make it look like a weapon I guess.

A lot of people complained that the stock of the weapon would hurt your shoulder, if you fire the gun. What’s up with that?
I received infinite questions about this, even on my personal Steam page. Ehm, I was like expecting this a lot and when people starting saying “Oh, you can’t fire this, that’s impossible!”, I was like “No, it’s not, it’s perfect” because I try to create stories behind those weapons and I try to give them a reason as to why the weapon is the way it is and like I said, even tho this is an extreme case in order to be original and give an ideia* for the community. I think the weapon itself is…I mean, it gives a perfect ideia* of what we are doing. That stock is just so weird and so bizarre that I actually love it. People kind of missed that iron ward around the trigger and that comes into play when you hold the weapon. This is not a traditional sniper, as you know: When you shoot with a sniper your shoulder is against the stock, but with this weapon your arm will be over the stock of this sniper (Annotation: You place the notch of the stock into your armpit), so when shooting you could say something about “Oh the recoil is too intense and wouldn’t work” and I have nothing to say about that. I mean recoil, that sucks, it’s too realistic I guess. [Laughs] So think of this like a weapon that is shot with gas, so that doesn’t cause that much recoil. Yeah I guess that’s a good explanation of why it won’t hurt.
Ok, so for which faction was the “One Winged Angel” created and do you already have a sniper rifle for the other faction?
Ah right, the “One Winged Angel” is for the Residents and I already made a sniper for the Wicked, too. It’s called “Devils Tail”. You can actually take a look at it now, if you want.

(Click the image to view it in large)
You are quite new to concept art, what are important things you have learned so far?
Well, all comes down to painting. Like I said I never drew before this. I learned a lot a about shading and the whole texture process and not only like…the thought process that you mentioned, I didn’t learn anything from that. But only the way I draw and my lines get consistently better over time and that’s something I am getting proud of. At first it was admittedly just a joke, but I’m trying to get as good as I can and if you look at my latest weapon and then compare it to the first one, you will see a large difference. It looks far more realistic. I understood now the different materials and the reflections that each material creates.
Since you said that you aren’t working on weapons exclusively: What concepts are the most difficult or most interesting ones to create?
Ehm, I don’t know because…that’s a good question. Let’s see, I love doing weapons because I don’t know, I just adore doing weapons and I think that abilities are a different process because I have to work around certain aspects of the game, so I don’t have as much freedom as I have doing the weapons, so doing weapons is a lot more fun.
But the abilities I have to work with certain affects that have to match, well I can’t say much about the abilities now, can I? So yeah, doing a weapon is my thing.

And how do you know when a concept is finished?
Another great question. So I actually send several shots of the weapons I do to Chris and whenever he says “Oh that’s great, you don’t have to change anything else”. I am just like “Bäm, done, alright let’s move on”. So that’s it.
I try to keep everyone in the developer group as updated as I can, so I could have more input in what to change, so when you guys feel that it’s good enough I simply stop and I move on.

Ah ok, so are you happy with all your concepts so far or are there things you would like to change?
I am never satisfied, so there comes Chris into play who says whether he likes it or not, since I could work on a concept forever.
But I am proud of all my weapons, tho looking back I could do some changes to every single one of them, but you know there is no point in doing that. I guess I feel like all my weapons I have done are well made, but there is always room to improve.

What do you likethe most about the work as a concept artist?
The freedom that I have. Chris just says “Oh, can you do a weapon?” without saying much of guidelines, so I simply pick up my pen and do whatever I want. And that to me is just amazing, I love being able to work freely and then eventually see it in the game, where people analyze it and play with it and some will like and some won’t, but that’s part of it.

What tools are you using to create these awesome concept art pieces?
I am using Photoshop, even tho I didn’t need it because I believe that free programs can also give you the essential tools, but I just like the overlay in Photoshop. And I also use a cheap tablet, which is like 50€ or something like that. And I see people spending like 200€ on a drawing tablet and god knows how much software they use. I think one important aspect is keeping it simple and just have fun, yeah.
How do you begin when you start working on a new concept?
Well, like I said I think of the ideias* before I start drawing. I just sit at the computer and open Photoshop, create a new file and things just start to pop in and I’m like “Uh, maybe I should add this and that and that”. There is no standard procedure that I take.
You already mentioned a few things, but what have you been working on so far?
The latest thing I did was the skybox, which, you know, is kind of a big deal to me. As you know, I never drew and now I have to deal with this huge and complicated process of doing the whole sky. So yeah, that was interesting and that was the latest thing I did.
And also I’m currently working more on the abilities as on the weapons, because we currently feel that abilities are more important at the current stage of the game.

Could you name the abilities you have been working on so far?
Well, the thing is, the names are kinda giving it away. So we have “Revive”, “Medicinal Herb”, “Meltdown”, “Adrenaline” and that’s it. That are the abilities I worked on.
Are you looking forward to create a concept about something specific?
Yeah, I actually…I know I’m going against what I said earlier, but I actually work better when I have some sort of guidelines. So even though I adore being free, but having some sort of specific points that Chris wants to have in the weapon is very important to me, so I’m definitely looking forward to what will be added and what craziness will be on these special weapons.
Ah ok, but you don’t already have a new weapon idea in mind and are just waiting for Chris to give the ok?
Well, I just do what is asked. Talking about special weapons, I actually talked about this with Chris right when I joined we started talking about special weapons and skins.
Are the weapons you have created so far “real” weapons or skins for weapons?
I start creating the weapon like in base form and then I proceed to create the skins for it.
So the “One Winged Angel” is a weapon, not a skin for a weapon?
Yeah, the “One Winged Angel” and the other sniper, which most of the community saw, are only base models. Actually when I had my thread up, where I posted my previous works, I also posted a few skins for those base weapons, because when you have a base weapon, making skins for it is really simple, since you just have to work on top of it.
You said you were currently working on the skybox. How is that going along?
Ehm, very well actually. I was really scared, because as I said, the whole process is a bit confusing at first, but I got the hang of it and Chris liked it, so I guess the skybox is also done, so I proceed to do more abilities. And then more weapons.
Ok, cool. Do you have a day job at the moment?
Well, I had, but that  #*!%$ fired me and owes me money, so I don’t have one anymore.

Can you name me your favorite movie and TV series?
I don’t watch much TV, but I guess my favorite movie is “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”, which is like a Western movie.
And for series I really liked Dr. House and I haven’t seen…I know, I know, but I haven’t seen neither “The Walking Dead” nor “The Game of Thrones” nor “The Breaking Bad”. I don’t really see that.

Oh well, I haven’t watched any of these series either so far.
I have a friend that actually spoils me every episode of “Walking Dead” for no reason. So that is also the reason why I don’t watch it. Every Monday that  #*!%$ spoils me, so you know.
Wow, what a “friend”. ^^
Maybe this time: Are you interested in Sports and if so, which sports clubs are you rooting for?
BENFICAAA! And we are going to beat you and Bayern Munich this week…oh, I mean next week. And I also watch wrestling…I know, I know, it’s really childish. But I just like it, even tho I don’t think it could be considered as a sport, but I guess it is. And I like John Cena a lot.
Oh really? The walking meme John Cena?
No, I knew him before that thing started, but now with the meme, it’s just amazing. I love him even more.
Which class in RenegadeLine fits your playstyle the most?
Uhm, good questions, I have no ideia*. Uhm, I think the tank because of the fire power. I just love blasting and just being careless and just being able to blow everything up.
*Disclaimer: “ideias” are Copyright of Nelio. :P

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