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Interview with RV_TheDoctor

Hey RenegadeLine Community,
this time we bring you an interview with someone who isn't that known in the community or that active on the forums. But this doesn't mean that he isn't working a lot on the game. He is basically the one making you able to play against and with each other. Without him, this game would probably only be single player, which would indeed be quite boring. Even though he might not be the most active around the forums, he still likes to listen and read your suggestions and feedback.

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General Information about RV_TheDoctor:

Name: Guilherme Afonso

Age: 16

Nationality: Portuguese

Joined RV: January 2016

Position: Network and launcher coding

The Interview

What is the area of programming you are working in?
I’m working on the networking side of things and launcher creation, where you start the game and mess with things.

Is this the kind of programming you like to do or are you doing it, since we need it?
No, it’s the area I’m interested in. That’s why I asked if I could help with the game.

Ah nice. So is there a special reason why you interested in this?
Yes, because it’s just to learn. It’s just something to motivate me to learn. Because if you work on things that are small, on simple things, then you don’t get that feeling that you did something big. When you know you do something big, it gets interesting, it gets fun and that’s what motivates me.

How did you realize that coding is something you enjoy doing?
When I started making websites, when I was 14. It’s just something fascinating. At the beginning it was weird how things worked, but once I started realizing how things worked, it got fun. It got very fun.

And why did you decide to make websites?
Because I used to right click the mouse and go to “View page source” on Chrome and that fascinated me. How that renders this beautiful webpage.

Is everything you know self-taught?
Yes it is. I always worked alone. This is the first time I worked with a team. And it’s weird, because I don’t quite like some of the things that the team wants, because I think, it’s best another way and then I found out the way the team is doing it, is the best way. [Laughs]

Alot of people dont know much about programming. Can you explain to me what you are doing to achieve the result you want? Just a short rundown on how start a new task.
First you google, you google a lot, to have an idea of how to do it. This is the way I do it: I pick up some projects and I kind of combine them into one. I pick out ideas of these projects and put them into 1 single project.
Sometimes I do things on my own, of course. But there is always something online that is better than what I do.

Is there a large difference between working on network and launchers and working on another field of programming like for example gameplay programming
Yes, there is. For example in game programming, the mechanics of the game, because you don’t mess with TCP stuff or SSL stuff, like I have troubles with SSL. It’s just a pain in the butt and that’s awesome. It feels awesome when you get things to work in networking, because it’s a very difficult task.

Does it often happen that you get frustrated, when there is a bug you can’t find or a some error, that you don’t know how to fix?
Yes, for example. I started C++ 4 months ago when I joined the team. I was used to C#. I had been doing C# for 2 years and then I stopped for a month and I don’t know anything about threads in C++. And I’m having a really hard time trying to get a freaking thread to work.

What tip would you give to someone who also wants to get started in programming?
The best way is to actually write code. Ehm, but you can go on forums and search for stuff on google. You can dp a lot of stuff, you can ask a friend on how to do something and then just try to make big things, because that’s what motivates people. Making big things is a lot of fun. And when you get it to work, woah, when you get it to work, that’s an awesome feeling, too.

Which programms/tools (and programming languages) do you need for your work?
Well, it depends on the programming language. To code you really just need a text editor, nothing else. And of course it depends on the language, too, you need a compiler and yeah.

What are you currently working on?
I’m working on the launcher and installer, because this is how I want to do things, I don’t want these ugly installers with bunch of letters, I want something that looks cool, that makes the person who is installing the game feel he/she is already playing the game.

I know we had some issues with making the game run on a dedicated server. How did we fix that?
I had to compile the engine from source and that took some hours and then I had to create a server target file for the UE4 compiler and then I just compiled a server. It’s actually pretty easy, but for someone who doesn’t know it gets pretty frustrating. I started to make my own network solution for the game, but then Jogl found a tutorial where it could compile the server without changing the actual networking that he had already done on the client and the server with blue prints.

Will the game be running on low(er) end pcs?
I actually don’t know which resources the game needs. Ehm, but I think it will…it depends, on the hardware of the pc and the game settings.

Since you are 16 I assume you still attend school. What are your favourite subjects?
Ehm, English. [Laughs]

Just English?
And maths and that’s it. [Laughs]

Do you already have a plan what you do, once you finished school? Studying or going straight into working a full time job?
Ehm, I want to work on Raw Vengeance. That’s my plan, I don’t want to study, because I think that’s just unnecessary, completely unnecessary, because if you know how to code and how to do things, you don’t have to study, you just have show that you know. You don’t need some paper that says that you can code.

Standard question: Are you interested in sports (no matter if eSports or “normal” sport) and if so, which teams are you rooting for?
I hate normal sports, eSport is actually quite fun. I like Call of Duty a lot and I also play Heroes and General. I play some Minecraft. I love using red stone making those doors. It’s like binary. It’s 0 or 1, it’s on or off. It’s actually pretty fun and people don’t know how to use red stone.

That was actually my next question: What games do you like to play in your free time?
I actually don’t play games on my free time. Since I started with this project I put all my free time into it. Except at weekends.

Would you like to add something to the interview?
Ehm, I love C++.

O.K., so that is it?
[Laughs] That’s it, C++ is fun, C++ is live. You can do pretty much anything with C++. You don’t have to learn all those crappy languages like C# or Java or..or Visual Basic. You can do pretty much anything with C++. It is like an enhanced version of C with classes and name spaces and things like that.

This is the end of the interview, but only the beginning of the discussion. Make sure to leave all your thoughts, questions, suggestions and feedback here HERE
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