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 Alerts and news The secondary donation page is now available!


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Greetings community!

Together you helped us to reach 67.355 € during the Kickstarter campaign and we are so grateful for your help!
We heard those people who wanted to donate, but couldn't due not having a Credit Card. The secondary donation page on our site will provide enough payment options so that everyone can donate and buy an Alpha key or some other cool items. Everything we get through the second donation page counts towards reaching higher stretchgoals!

If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask and leave a message in this thread! We try to answer your questions and update the thread with those answers, though we have prepared a little Q&A for you:

Q & A

"I donated on Kickstarter, where is my Alpha key?"
You will receive your Alpha key shortly. We need to wait 2 weeks after the campaign ended before we can send out the rewards to the backers.

"How long will the second donation page be online?"
For a couple of weeks, at least. We might also use this website as our store to sell items during the Alpha.

"Are the outfits and shoulder pets the same as in Kickstarter?"
Yes, they are the same.

"Are the weapon skins and red bunny ears of the donation page exclusive?"
No, they will just be super rare and really hard to get.

"How big is the "rare weapon skins pool" where we can choose our weapon skins from?"
The pool will contain about 10-12 rare weapon skins where you can either choose 1 or 6 depending on the bundle you bought.

"If I buy the Bunny Ears will I also receive an Alpha key?"
You will only receive what you paid for, so buying the Bunny Ears won't give you an alpha key.

"If I donated to the Kickstarter campaign already, will I get the rewards from the secondary donation page too?"
No, since Kickstarter campaign rewards and secondary donation page rewards are separated.
For example: If you already pledged on blue bunny ears backer reward on Kickstarter and would like to get red bunny ears, donating to the secondary donation page is the only way to receive those sweet red bunny ears!

"Am I able to redeem rewards from both fundraising pages on the same account?"
Yes, you will be able to redeem rewards from both pages in the same account. However only one alpha key can be activated per account.

"How and when will I receive my rewards?"
Once the payment has been processed, you will receive the alpha key via email. 
The email is the same that is linked to your RenegadeLine account.
When you received your code(s), you can redeem it/them over here: CLICK

"Will all items be included inside the same code or will every item have a different code?"
Each item has its own code.

"What payment methods will be available?"
The secondary donation page will accept most forms of online payments, such as PayPal and Bitcoin.
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Awesome, can't wait to play!

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aw yeah, I was refreshing the page every 10 seconds :P

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more $$$$$$$$$$

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Was I the first? :P
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has the kickstarte campaign one key for all or one key for each item?
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I am going to buy myself an early acces key :D
Got it :)

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Awesome good luck guys, I got me some rare bunny ears.
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31 days to wait now!

You're not alone, join the army of 40,000+ players!

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