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 Recruits [ASK] server thing and the advantage of alpha user

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hi guys i am new here

i've been stalking information about this game for about 3-4 days now
and all i know it's some quite interesting game with good community concept (not like E* who doesn't care about the player lol)

okay let's get to the point

i would like to ask 4 question here 

1. how you guys will implement the "server" concept ?,  will it be like BFH that need subscription ?, or will it be like several battle room queue on 1 server ?.
2. and what about server location ?, is it only on europe ?. (because i am from southeast asia , and it'll be hard to play if there is just some europe server :()
3. what the advantages of being alpha tester player beside i can play this game before it release ? (like alpha tester item or something else that you can't get if you didn't play on the alpha time)
4. last thing is when the beta version of this game will come up ?(i know this question is toooooo often asked , but atleast give us time estimation about it  :D)

okay that's all about it , hope it'll be answered soon.....
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i am from indonesia , you know wkwkwkw land ? hahahaha

note: i am sorry if there are any mistake on my english , i am still learning btw

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Hey Riemu, welcome to Renegade Line! :D

I will try to answer your questions to the best of my knowledge.

1. About the servers.
I'm not sure I understand that question. Right now, we have a serverlist, or server browser, where you have information about the server, and you can join whichever server you like. There will be a matchmaking system later on tho, and I don't know what exactly will happen to the server browser. 
2. About server location.
We do plan on letting players rent their own servers (that was actually a kickstarter reward), but details on that aren't known yet. I assume, depending on the server provider (I think), that you can choose the location you like, and will have many choices. 
3. About Alpha advantages.
The most obvious advantage would be to see the game grow, see its progress and of course to test updates. Other advantages will be 10 euros (the key's worth) in Vengeance Points (paid-for currency) upon Beta release. The Alpha tag on the forums and an exclusive clothing item and weapon skins for all Alpha backers. The will be no in-game advantages like XP boost, starting at higher levels or anything. 
4. About the Beta release.
We currently do not have an estimated time for Beta release. We are currently, more and more, getting ready for the Beta, but we still have quite a lot of things to do before we release it. 

Hopefully that answered some of your questions!

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