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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #18


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Hey everybody

Usually, each Friday you can see the beautifully crafted newsposts by @RV_Fiktio. Today, I will, for once, try to bring you some news as Fiktio can not be around tonight. 😃
I thought I might use this chance to tell you guys which features are already quite far in development and will arrive in the next months. Without further ado, let's get started.

First of all, why does the next Alpha version take so long?
The next Alpha version will have more than the usual content. It will include the first version of the Italy map, a new spawn system, a new gamemode, talent reworks, new HUD elements, many bugfixes, etc.
Yep, you heard right, there will be a new map! Know now why it takes a bit longer? 😁

Now as that is cleared, what features are coming in the next few months?
  • A new stable and robust launcher with more functions and reliable updating
  • Custom Servers and an Admin tool for you to control and monitor them
  • Animations and Clothing items for the new Characters
  • Talents for Thief and Sniper (almost finished)
  • Huge Performance improvements
  • An extended scoreboard after the round ended (almost finished)
  • Character Creation and stats saving

Okay, so that's what you can expect, hype? No hype? Let us know! Now let's continue to the visual content right away.

We will now show you the weekly progress shot of the map, the finished 3D models for the ducks for the Spotters last Talent (Agent Duck) and some animations.

Let's start with the map :

Next up, the finished Duck for Agent Duck (and YES, they are going to fly with animations and sounds! 😁 ):

Now, here is some progress on Resident AND Wicked anims, do you like them? Feedback plox 😉


spaces and stuff, pls don't highlight this, it's supposed to be transparent...

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Great job Paul.Cannot wait until the game is finished

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I trust you guys, keep up the good work 👌

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Nice work, would like to see a closer look at the new launcher if its possible later on!

Great work, looking forward to the next alpha week!!

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New map looks great. The running animation with the pistol looks a bit skrewy tho....
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Hope the game will soon come out
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Now know why it takes longer! Nice update.

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As always awesome 😍
Hahaha, excelent running! 😂

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magnificent 😁😀😁

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This is me not being able to contain my excitement
Not spam.

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