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 Recruits Im new and I don't get it :)

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Hello, I just created an account and now id like to get the alpha key but I have no clue how this whole thing works. When I put it in the shopping cart, nothing happens and I dont know where to pay, how to pay and start playing and so on. Im sorry you might hear this kind of question too often but Im really not into "Gaming". The only Game I ever played was BFH about five years ago and when I heard about Renegade Line I was really happy. So please excuse my missing special knowledge :)
It would be great to get some help :)
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Okay so you should be at a page similar to this

As you stated you added it to your cart so at the bottom of your screen you should see a green button that says €10,00 (the cost of an Alpha key, which is about $12 USD), but before you click that I urge you to scroll down and check out the rare items that you could also purchase and recieve at the time of the beta release

But anywho after checking out the rare items and possibly adding some to your cart you can click that green button at the bottom of your screen displaying your current total which will take you to your cart looking something like this

Then you can simply choose your method of payment and you should be off and running from there, you should recieve an email with your alpha key and from there you can easily go up to the drop down menu titled 'shop' and select 'redeem your early access key' and whabam you are part of the Alpha team

Now some important info though, it's been a minute since I've been around here but I'm pretty sure Alpha testing is on weekends (they may have changed it to weeklong now instead of weekends I'm not 100%) and currently there is no testing as of today but you can find all the info needed HERE and look out for 'Newspost Friday' threads as these posts go over the work accomplished throughout the week and let you know if there'll be any Alpha testing coming up
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I bought the early access key but how much have i to wait before they send it tome?

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@DioBerto its really really coming soon. We will probably more information on it on the next stream. (which it is on the December 17th)

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DioBerto said on 2017-12-10T14:37:45+01:00 in Im new and I don't get it :):
I bought the early access key but how much have i to wait before they send it tome?
@DioBerto It should be there within 5 minutes. Be sure to check your spam folders.
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Hey guys can you help me out?
i played bfh for 6years it was great, i bought the key , i can enter the game and chose the natonal or roal team mate a medic or tank but there is only 1 game server in Italy 'for 8 roals and 8 nationals ( on this website => more than 40K players so there need to be more servers right?) starting soon' if i push join i come back to the screen to pick the roal or national team member so....
are there other game servers open now (other IP-adresses or ...?)or do i do something wrong? i tought i bought a pré-access key for 10 bucks but i can't play it yet.
Anyone got more info for me?
Hope anyone can help me out because this game looks great like BFH!

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Hello, @Kitt007123 First of all I wanna say thank you for supporting this game! <3 a Few weeks ago we did a poll (on Discord) if we wanted to have alpha every weekend or bi-weekend huge majority voted for the bi-weekly alpha weekends. This allows devs to have more time on to work on the game and gives them more time to look back at the feedback and fix any bugs they need to fix to prepare for the next alpha version. If you have any more questions about anything specifically about this game come join to participate future polls and get your answer respond 24/7. 😉

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Got to love forum necromancy

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Clearly wrong thread (Recruit corner is to introduce yourself to the community :)).
For future question, please stick to the appropriate threads and/or forum corners for discussions or the official discord server for general questions, as @noTmo already linked.

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