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 Alerts and news Friday Newspost #26 (Future Alpha Schedule, Update on New Characters, etc.)


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Hello everyone, it's me again

Today we have quite a few updates for you. Mainly regarding the upcoming Alpha schedule, the new character models, developers interviews and medium blogs and articles, website improvements and more!

Important note upfront

As you may have noticed, we have started doing more frequent alpha tests.
After having done two weekly Alpha tests, we will now do one every two weeks. This will let us add a few more changes per test than before. Additionally, you can always see when the next Alpha starts on our frontpage Alpha counter!! 🙂

You may have noticed that we did not do any Friday's Newspost during our 2 previous Alpha tests, as they were released on Friday, too.
With the Alpha tests every two weeks, our Newspost Fridays schedule will not change. Meaning that we will still write a newspost every week


1 - State of Development - New Characters

We've made a lot of progress since the day we announced that we would do brand new character models. We have managed to complete many things, but there are still some things that need to be done before they are testable in the Alpha.
Many people have asked if the new models would be in the next Alpha, or why they are not available in the Alpha yet, so we thought it was necessary to give an update as to what still needs to be worked on before they finally are available.

Done are:
- Character Models (3D models)
- Collection of Outfits (ready for equipment already)
- Almost all Resident Weapon Animations
- Base Walking Animation for the Resident
- Base walking Animation for the Wicked
- All Talent related animations (Shockwave, Glider, Grappling Hook, Agent Duck)
- Reprogramming of the Character Movement + new features like Aim Offset (looking up & down, left & right), fast weapon switching, Shoot Hold after shooting etc.)

To be completed are:
- Most weapon Animations for the Wicked
- Missing Walkcycles for the Wicked (lateral movements, etc.)
- Missing Walkcycles for the Resident (lateral movements, etc.)

As soon as the missing animations are completed, they can easily be entered in the free slots in the programming structure and the characters will instantly work! 🙂


2 - Developer Interviews

You may remember the interviews we did a few months ago. We've heard some people were interested in seeing more, as the team has changed quite a lot. Many new developers have joined the Raw Vengeance Games team!
In the coming weeks and months, we will use our Medium blog to repost the existing developer interviews and to post new developer interviews!
We will also use our Medium blogs to occasionally post personal articles related to some aspects of game development, art, programming, etc. Stay tuned!


3 - Website News + Web developer Wanted

Also we are making some small additions and improvements on the website over time. We are adding several new languages prior to beta, we have added our blog to the "Community" navigation tab and to the footer of the website and news articles can now also link to other URLs than forum posts, so we will be able to link our blogs directly to the frontpage without having to write a forum post about it.

Furthermore we are updating our social media channels and websites with new content showing our new artstyle, map and characters.

Also regarding our websites, we are currently searching for more web developers.
If you meet the requirements in the spoiler below, and are interested, drop just drop us an email to [email protected]. 🙂

Toggle spoiler
As a Web Developer for Raw Vengeance Games, your tasks will be to work on our web presentations for the Raw Vengeance Games and Renegade Line website, as well as the backend powering our games.

Excellent PHP/HTML/CSS Knowledge

Experience with MySQL databases
Experience with Git
A working headset and a discord account
Able to speak and write English fluently
Able to work a minimum of 10 hours a week
Motivated attitude

Experience with NodeJS
Experience with Smarty
Experience with Slim micro framework

More information can be found here:


That's it for this week!
As always, feel free to leave your comments and feedback below! 😁

Oh no, wait! There's one more thing! Here are some map changes we did which will be playable in the next Alpha weekend. More to come in the next Alpha weekend!



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Aight, that's good to hear! 🙃
To be completed are:
- Most weapon Animations for the Wicked
- Missing Walkcycles for the Wicked (lateral movements, etc.)
- Missing Walkcycles for the Resident (lateral movements, etc.)

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nICE, very very nICE

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We need more of that "State of development" for theses next/future news friday! Great Job Rv Team.

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I love it :),Abstract you do amazing job even do it isnt ur professionality :)

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Gotta love the 6k+ image 😏
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Looks great! Is the second image the market place by the residents camp?
Looking forward to more of those "state of development" post!
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i miss somthing wizh zhe medicine man....the throw away./ ich vermisse was beim medizinmann,,,das wegschleudern.

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