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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #27 (Next Alpha test, New Weapon Models, etc.)


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Hello everyone, it's me once again for Newspost Friday.
Today, we have a few different things we would like to say and show to you regarding the next Alpha test and game modes, some progress on weapon models for the Sniper and Thief classes, and more!

First off, the next Alpha weekend will start on the 2nd of February at 6PM CET and will end of the 4th of February at 10PM CET.
Now regarding the game modes, we currently have three available game modes: Team Deathmatch, Conquest and Capture The Flag.

  • Team Deathmatch is a standard game mode in which both teams, the Residents and Wickeds fight each other and the team to eliminate a specific amount of enemies wins the game. We have been testing this game mode during the Alpha, but with the Conquest flags.
  • Conquest is a game mode in which both teams, the Residents and Wickeds fight each other for possession of capture points, or flag areas. The team that possesses the most flags eliminates the enemy team faster. Having possession of a flag also lets yourself and teammates spawn near that flag.
  • Capture The Flag is a game mode in which both teams fight to get possession of the enemy team's only flag and retrieve it to their base. The team that is able to capture and return the enemy's flag a specific amount of times (generally 3 times) wins the game.

So far in the Alpha we have been testing a mix of Conquest and Team Deathmatch. In the near future, we are hoping to have a rotation of the three game modes.


1 - Knives and Sniper Rifles Concepts & 3D Models
We've already shown you concepts of the Sniper and Knives for the Resident and Wicked. Now, we can show you some progress regarding the 3D models of those weapons!

Resident and Wicked knives for the Thief class:

Resident and Wicked sniper rifles for the Sniper class:


2 - Grappling Hook Early Concept
We've also shown you the Grappling Hook talent for the Sniper in a livestream before. We'll soon start creating the model for the talent. Before we can do that, we need a concept. This is an early concept of the Grappling Hook for the Wicked and Resident Sniper class :


3 - Website & Game Translations
We've been talking about website translations for a few weeks now, and we've already added many languages to the website such as German, Estonian, Finnish, French and most recently Greek! thanks to everyone of the community who participated in translating! ❤
We will soon be able to translate the game in different languages, too! If you want to help too, please fill in the form here

That's it for this week!
As always, feel free to post your feedback below!😃



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Neat looking models! Though i do say, Are you sure the handle for the Resident knife is.. proper? It seems a little large. I have never held a real dagger in my hands, so i wouldn't be able to confirm this. Looking forward to Capture The Flag btw. 😏
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Damn those snipers and knifes are looking nice.
Hyped for the next alpha sessions with the new gamemodes. Keep rocking🤟

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New models and concepts look great! Can't wait to see those rifles textured. Good job everyone involved! Would love to play some CTF, its always some great fun :)

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50/50 👏
1/1 👍

Will both factions get an individual design for their hook or just one standard design for both?
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first and third grapling hook design (starting from the left) look the best in my opinion

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I am waiting for those <3 <3 Sniper and thief > any other class
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The knives look boring.. >-<

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I guess most post WW2 knifes didn't have a CSGO design 😉
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MAKE IT LIKE BFH way to success

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