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after playing battlefield heroes for years, fortnite has a few neat ideas to toss around; air dropping to position (could be from a plane, as opposed to a bus), finding weapons to use on the ground at random locations or pick up from those killed, ability to build structures for protection and mobility. neat and fun stuff.

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It's not a Battle Royale game...

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A Battle Royale mode has been suggested in the past, and there is a very minor hint to it possibly being in the game in the future here:

RV_Cosmonaut said on 2017-10-14T18:51:21+02:00 in Battle Royale Mode:
Hmmmm 🤔🙂
I'd personally like to see something similar available at some point, because it'll give the game more variety and bring in more players that like those types of highly popular games.

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The thing you'd have to take into consideration is if that particular gamemode will still be popular once this game hits beta. Maybe it has been milked out by then already.
spaz-fiveThreads: 10
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Fortnite idea?
You mean a Battle Royale mode?


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yea, could be pretty fun.
TheFlashThreads: 1
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So the thing is that IF RL would implement a Battle Royale mode, i think people would get bored really quickly. Battle Royale modes are EVERYWHERE right now. Fortnite, PUBG, Paladins, CoD, H1Z1 and so on and so forth.

I think that some ideas from Fortnite are cool. In RL we could hop in a plane, fly, and jump out with our parachutes and siege a town for example. But i think that IF RL were to implement a BR mode it would take a portion of it's uniqueness away and would just be trying to "keep up with the trend."

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