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 Alerts and news Alpha Weekend #10


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Friday is here!, another great Alpha Weekend is inbound!

Alpha Weekend will start this Friday March 2nd at 6PM CET and ends on the 4th at 10pm CET.

We have something special for our community, this alpha test will include the initial work for the sound redesign, check it right here!, right now!
(Try them with a headset!)

LMG, Hit and Kill Sounds

LMG Sound and Attenuation

New RPG Sound, Distance Fade and Low-pass

*Sounds are not in final form yet

Don't miss the Dev Stream on Twitch this Friday at 5:30 PM CET

Come take a look and share your stories with us, all feedback is appreciated!

As usual, here are the Patchnotes for the update

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Those sounds are way better, but it sounds so weird when you hit an enemy with the MG 😅

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This sounds pretty sweet. Makes it feel like you're actually in an open area. I am loving the sounds of the RPG. 😔
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Barney said on 2018-03-02T14:41:53+01:00 in Alpha Weekend #10:
Those sounds are way better, but it sounds so weird when you hit an enemy with the MG 😅

The sounds aren't final yet. We've included this in the main post aswell now :)

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Solid work, can't wait to try it!
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Lool Pro 🎱😏

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nice work, keep it up

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