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 Alerts and news Alpha Weekend #11


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This will be an exciting new Alpha Weekend!

Alpha Weekend will start on Friday March 16th at 6PM CET and will end on the 18th at 10pm CET.

We continued the sound rework, most sounds (including UI) have already been replaced with Fmod, with just a few bit more changes still pending to finalize it, give it a spin!, tell us what you think!

*Sounds are not in final form yet

But of course, we have a lot of work under the hood too!

  • Respawn location issues have been fixed (no more tree hugging, sorry!)
  • The missing heal effect is back!
  • The internal weapon system got redesigned
  • There's a new sound FX that goes great with the newest low-health screen effect
  • Fixed the Anti-Aliasing bug

Don't miss the Dev Stream on Twitch this Friday at 5:30 PM CET

Come take a look and share your stories with us, all feedback is appreciated!

Check this link for this update Patchnotes
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Woo! Can finally give it a shot.
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Hyped to play this game again. last time it was so bad and laggy.

lets see how it turn this time.

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