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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #31


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Friday comes with fresh news from the team!

1 - Visual Effects

We have a fresh updated animation for Medicinal Herb!, check it out!

Medicinal Herb VFX

And now, we are preparing a VFX for the destruction of the Barrier!

Barrier VFX

This is just the first step, a cracking on the wall that will lead to a full destruction effect, we'll keep showing updates on this as they come!

2 - Lobby Concept

*This contains conceptual images, not in-game footage

This time, we want to present you all the conceptual images for the game lobby, which also involves a lot of backend work for its creation.
Keep in mind that this is not an accurate representation of the actual players positioning and layout, and that you will be able to invite up to 7 friends in your lobby.

Yes, we are on Reddit too, be sure to pay us a visit!


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Game lobby looks nice

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I see what you did there with the Lobby Concept. Shield's gonna be interesting. Is it weird that i liked the old shield, although it blocked roads? 😗

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Really good job on the lobbie, I really like it and btw the new VFX animation are smooth and looks thicc especially to me the medical herb : ) Keep doing as always Raw Vengance dont rushed the game, take your time and everything should be good when beta comes :)
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Looks gooood, keep in this way!

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lobby looks does snot yet

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I hope RGL goes on Steam soon. Get a bigger playerbase and fill up the servers :)
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You guys have to step up.. We're waiting for way too long and the people start losing interest in the game.
On the last hours of the open alpha, all the servers were empty. 0 players.. just saying.
Bring the game to the open Beta already before it's too late! ._.
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looks awesome! great job :D
Im excited for the next alpha week! i didnt play since the first one, cuase of the GearVR plugin bug, but i fixed it, and next time im in :D

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