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Alpha Weekend is ready!

Alpha Weekend will start on Friday March 30th at 6PM CET and will end on the April 1st at 10pm CET.

The main change is that we jumped to V4.19 of UnrealEngine, we're keeping up to date with the latest engines, and you'll notice right away when starting the game!

Startup is quite faster now!, along with great stability on Servers and Network Traffic being reduced significantly!

Weapon Framework is now fully implemented, which adds prediction for hit registration changing the feel and gunplay of the weapons now that all have Recoil but players get a better feedback regardless of Ping, Spread has been reduced for both SMGs and MGs

MG Recoil
RPG Recoil
Shotgun Recoil
Pistol Recoil

We now have hitmarkers for the crosshair, so players have a better feedback on the hits they make, as well as having a blue crosshair effect when hovering over teammates.
Damage Marker

Some of the new HUD Fx got refined and fixed, like Adrenaline and Medicinal Herb screen Fx.

We now have new bullet trails!
Trails 1
Trails 2

Impact decals!
Decals 1
Decals 2

*Known Issues

Reloading weapons has not been reworked yet, animations can still bug out, and weapons have infinite ammo at the moment, gun sound can still keep playing during death, and grenades can collide with the throwing player sometimes.

Don't miss the Dev Stream on Twitch this Friday at 5:30 PM CET

Come take a look and share your stories with us, all feedback is appreciated!

Check this link for this update Patchnotes
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Thank you so much for existing RV staff
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Guys keep it doing u're awesome ;)
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Keep up the good work, my friends
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is the alpha online yet?

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Thrimbor said on 2018-04-03T19:04:50+02:00 in Alpha Weekend #12:
is the alpha online yet?
It was online from the 30th of March to the 1st of April (the 2nd of April, actually)!

The next one will start on the 13th of April.

You're not alone, join the army of 40,000+ players!

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