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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #32

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Hey, it's me.
Sorry for having took so long to post the Newspost this week, but here it is!


The Deathcam UI will be reworked to fit with the rest of the artstyle of the game
Keep in mind that this is just a concept and not how it looks like in the game

Main Menu

We still have a lot of work ahead to complete the main menu.
Today we will show you some work in progress of the new main menu map!
You can see it here!
(The gif was recorded on a 4k screen, that is why the text is so small)
(Also, the character will not stand in a t-pose in the final main menu, don't worry!)

Grenade rework

The grenade bounce has been fixed and we added a bounce sound. You can't hear it on gifs, unfortunately, but here it is

Little bonus

  • We have started working on some animations for the lootboxes. You can see it here.
  • Work is being done on the game lore, as well as on the Roland (leader of the Residents) character design.
  • The emote wheel is now implemented in the game and will be testable soon.

This is it for this week's newspost!
Feel free to leave comments down below.

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Oh right, loot boxes! Being honest, though; You Were Eliminated By; doesn't seem to be that needed, unless the enemy name will be hidden when facing them on the death cam.

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Im wondering how good the alpha will be in-term of gameplay 👀

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Why lootboxes? I thought ingame clothes, skins nstuff would be offered in the store..
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Kayser said on 2018-04-06T23:42:54+02:00 in Newspost Friday #32:
Why lootboxes? I thought ingame clothes, skins nstuff would be offered in the store..
Some (rare) cosmetic items will also (and only, for some) be available in lootboxes. 😉
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Ok well with every passing week (and info updates), this is looking more and more like a game I'll really enjoy playing. Well done guys !!!
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Naja das kann ja noch was werden bis das Game so richtig fertig ist 🙂

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Looks good gameplay wise. I am not so sure about lootboxen. They don't really have a reputation of being ''userfriendly''. But we'll see. Besides this. What are the main things that is being worked on?
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Loot box animations looks pretty cool

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Nice lootboxes 😋, getting that money ready for them

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