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Alpha Weekend is ready!

Alpha Weekend will start on Friday April 13th at 6PM CET and will end on the 15th at 10pm CET.

One of the biggest changes is that we changed away from dynamic lighting system, to vouch for being less taxing on med to low systems, FPS should be increased all across the board significantly, this change is not only due to optimization on the lower end, but also on an Art direction stand, we're working more on who the atmosphere of the map feels and looks and how it is translated to our users!

*known issue
Shadow artifacts can be shown in a weird way on the map, it's because it haven't been finished or polished, still a work in progress!

Video preview

The other big and important change for this update is on the Weapon system, a new hit-marker which we teased in past news is already on the game, giving better feedback to the player.

All past weapon bugs have been fixed, like shooting backwards, shooting while switching weapons, or the shooting sounds while dead.

A beeping sound has been added to the greande to help with the jumping mechanic, and physics has been greatly improved for the

MG has less spread now, too.

Don't miss the Dev Stream on Twitch this Friday at 5:30 PM CET

Come take a look and share your stories with us, all feedback is appreciated!

Check this link for this update Patchnotes
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Launcher Crashes when updating or launching the game! o.o

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DAnnihilator said on 2018-04-13T19:38:26+02:00 in Alpha Weekend #13:
Launcher Crashes when updating or launching the game! o.o
Go to %appdata% > raw-vengeance-client
Remove the 'Settings' file

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Hey, neat; Something that will help with newbies wanting to learn grenade jumping (No offense, newcomers!) I think i was already fine off without this, though. 👿

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I will definitely play this weekend.

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Is the game really running? In general I can't start it. Maybe this is the reason there are no people. Only at one Alpha Weekend of the past I was able to start it.
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Quando será o proximo teste alpha ?
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I think a lot of us have been very patient and waited a long time for the game to be in playable state. It was 2016 when RV promised the game will be playable in at least late 2017 or even earlier. Now in April 2018 we still dont have a stable game and even worse almost no one is playing. I understand that creating a game is a hard process, but me and i guess a lot of other people have waited for now almost 2 years and still almost nothing what was promised has been achieved. I dont want to be offensive or anything but the current gaming market is booming and i think RV knows that aswell. What i am trying to say is that if the you want the game to be succesfull, way more improvements than in the last 2 years have to be made, in an even shorter amount of time. I've come to think that investing in this game was a huge mistake and i regret every second that i wasted on this game.

I apologise for any mistakes and am looking forward for a respons of any RV-Member/Staff.
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Looks like I've missed a few alphas! 😅
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Can someone explain why there are no servers in the list? Or if there is an IP to join a game?

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