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Ready for Alpha Weekend?

Alpha Weekend is getting a change today, we're moving for a focused test on Friday and Saturday at specific times

Alpha Weekend will start on Friday April 27th at 6PM CET and will last only 3 hours.

Next one will start this Saturday April 28th at 3PM CET and will last 3 hours as well.

After this tests, the Alpha Weekend will be paused for 4 weeks.

Reason is as follows:

New Characters.

After the pause, we're aiming to release the new character models for testing on the community, with pending animations being made after that (further details will come before that Alpha Weekend).

As for changes for this alpha test, we have improved the lighting system and the Italy map, specially in the bases.

(Most work has moved to implementing the new characters and backend changes)

Don't miss the Dev Stream on Twitch this Friday at 5:30 PM CET

Come take a look and share your stories with us, all feedback is appreciated!

Check this link for this update Patchnotes
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Nobody is playing
and u always spawn under the map :/

Threads: 20
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Fixed now, it's one of the things that we needed to have a test for

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