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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #34


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Greetings community!

Sorry for being late late today, but here we go!

A week has passed, and here's what we have to show!


1 ) New Hit numbers

You heard right! Even more cartoony shooting feedback! 😄

Why did we change the hit numbers?

After weeks of playing with the old hit number system, we decided to completely change it, to something that could bring a clear message for the players.
Our new implemented system provides even more accurate feedback. Those are still work in progress and we are open to suggestions regarding how we could improve them, so don't hesitate to give us any idea you might have!

2 )Hit Effects

To make it more clear you are shooting the enemies!

*Note The Animations for getting hit are still getting implemented!

3 ) Adrenaline VFX re-work

(sorry for the low quality and frame rate in the middle of the video!)

Now we're breaking the speed barrier!

We also worked on:

  • Improvements for new characters
  • Fixes for the map
  • Lighting related improvments
  • Continued working on the lore and story
  • And as always other minor stuff

Just a reminder that on the 25th of May at 6PM CET, the next Alpha test will begin and that the new character models will be implemented for testing. You don't miss that out!

That's all for today, as always, feel free to leave comments and feedback or suggestions down below!


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Great work guys, lovely :D

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I'm not sure if it would fit here, but i've seen damage numbers work differently in another game, which might help;
While shooting the enemy, each hit will accumulate the damage above the player's name, showing the total amount of damage dealt, instead of seperately, and increasing it's accumulation for each damage point done.

For example, dealing 7 damage multiple times to a single enemy, would look like this; 7 14 21 28 35 42 49 56 63 70...
The number accumulates all damage dealt until the enemy dies, or a certain time has passed. Just a suggestion for you to think about. 🤔

Apart from all of this, i am liking the new visuals for Adrenaline, even though i won't know what it looks like until the update releases.
Be prepared for more bug reports by me in the next alpha test..

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Wow, adrenaline VFX looks awesome! I'm definitely going to play in the next alpha weekend if I have time 😀👌

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I really like the New hit numbers, you could also play with that and for example change color when getting headshot or change sound for headshot or when person is almost dead.
You could even give an option to everyone to change the color off the numbers for headshots, bodyshots, kill confirming shot..

And it's just an crazy idea but maybe for speed run ability do an cartoony smoke effect after the feet..or even more crazy, change legs into a cloud ;)

For hit effect i find it most rewarding if you add an shock effect to the enemy based on the weapon and direction you shot him dead in. If yu really want to know what i mean look at shotgun kills from Blackwake or grenade kills from bf1942 or even Heroes & Generals:

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Nice stuff :D I'm exited to play the game.

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Le jeu n'est même pas encore sorti qu'il y a presque plus personne dessus il n'y qu'a voir les alphas... le developement est beaucoup trop long, j'ai l'impression que sa n'avance pas... m'enfin !

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so no news post this week?

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