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Hey fellow Renegade Liners!

My name is TheFlash. I've been around RenegadeLine development since 2016, but i haven't been really active or keeping up.
I checked the website again and i saw that the game has made huge steps and i've never been so excited for the game and i wanted to be involved more often.
That's why i am typing this post right now, i really want to get to know the community.

So, my name is TheFlash, i also go by MicroIce or Thomas. I'm currently the Community Manager for Radiant eSports, pro-gaming organisation with mainly a youth team in Call of Duty. My day-to-day duties are engaging the community and getting to know people. Also i'm pretty much the bridge between Management and the Community over at Radiant. I'm also in charge of the Discord server there.

I'm a 17 year old gaming enthusiast who loves to play all kinds of games. I'm also a BIG fan of tv-shows like CW's The Flash or CW's The Arrow. I'm currently off from school due to exams and most of my free time goes to my beautiful girlfriend or Radiant eSports.

So, please, tell me a little bit about yourselves and i'd love to chat sometime! Really looking forward to fight with/against you all on the battlefield! :)

Kind regards,


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Hey TheFlash,

nice to know you are part of the Renegade Line community now and nice to meet another community manager fellow, though I'm currently PR Director, but used to be CM on many games and in a way I'm still CM here....yeah.
Looking forward to seeing you around here or on our Discord (shameless plug for our Discord :P ).

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