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 Alerts and news Newspost Friday #35


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Hello Community!

Today, we'll talk about the schedule for our next Alpha tests and social media posts!

New Alpha Schedule

As we're now on Steam, we are going to have the servers open for Alpha testing every 4 weeks. The servers will be open for a week and we will update the game with hotfixes during the week if necessary. With that said, the next Alpha test will start on Sunday the 24th of June at 6PM CEST and will end on the 1st of July at 6PM CEST. The following Alpha test will then start on the 29th of July and will end on the 5th of August, and so on!

This schedule will allow us to fix and/or add new stuff during Alpha test weeks if necessary and possible. It will also allow us to spend more time on development of new features to bring bigger updates than in the past few months!

We will also add 2 new North American servers for the next Alpha tests!

**Also an important reminder that the next Alpha tests will happen on STEAM. You will need a Steam early access key to have access to the game in your library, as we do not have a store page for the game yet! We will be sending more keys in the near future by email to everyone who has access to the RGL Alpha already (those who have already bought an Early Access key on our website or on Kickstarter). Make sure to check your email frequently and to check in your spam and junk folders!

New Social Media Posts Schedule

Now for the new Newspost schedule, we will diversify our way of showing new content. Right before the start of the new Alpha tests, we will post patchnotes and explain them, and we will also Livestream on Twitch!

We will also post a video similar to what we did last Monday showing gameplay and various things from the Alpha test on Steam. We will also talk about our plans and focus for the next Alpha test!
On the second week after the Alpha test is over, we will post a Teaser Tuesday on social media, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and to join our Discord server!

As always, feel free to write your suggestions, comments and questions down below!
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i cant find this on steam?:( i am from central Europe

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Kalwez said on 2018-06-08T22:43:51+02:00 in Newspost Friday #35:
i cant find this on steam?:( i am from central Europe
Hey Kalwez,

Sorry for the confusion, Renegade Line is not public on Steam yet. You need a Steam early access key to have access to the game in your Steam library. Everyone who already has Alpha access (bought an Early Access key on our website) will eventually receive a Steam early access key for Renegade Line by email!
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can't wait to get a key and play this :) so excited cuz i payed like 1 year ago and never actually played a proper match in any test weekend because of my shitty laptop xD

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