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Hello everyone!

I was enjoying RL yesterday and I had a lot of fun, but for some reason hitting an enemy didn't feel that rewarding. So I went and researched what makes hitting an enemy so more satisfying in other games.

I came to the conclusion that Renegade Line has a really satisfying visual cue when you see how much damage you've done to the enemy, but no audio cue which leaves me confused and wanting more.

If you could add some sort of audio when I hit an enemy that would make it so much clearer and satisfying. Even if I lose the fight, I feel great about hitting them.

Great day to yall <3

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Would be a great idea m8
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Sound system in the "hit" works well, PlayRust proves this. However in weapons with very high firing rate would be a problem

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You could add something like custom hitsounds that you make and add into the game yourself, like other games such as Team Fortress 2, where you have the Minigun that heavy uses which is a high firing rate weapon, but it seems to work fine, or just something simple like changing the pitch of the hitsound so you could have some form of customization😉👍

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