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Alpha Week is here!
listen closely...

  • Character Creation

  • Yes, it's finally getting here!

    Here is 4 examples showing Hair, Beard and Skin tone options:
    Wicked's Beard
    Resident's Beard
    Resident's Hair
    Wicked's Skin Tone

    Please note that you need to at least select a skin tone during character creation!

  • The Pending Stuff

  • The next test will be centered around a feature that was worked on heavily but sadly is not ready yet...The Thief class test!
    A video was shown on the last Newspost
    It is available through character creation right now, but keep in mind it's a really early test, and it's prone to have several issues, like the lack of the Knife attack animation and several issues with the talents.

    We also brought the new Jump animations:

  • Patchnotes

  • This week we released the v0.2.2 update on Steam. All new features whill be detailed in our patchnotes thread closer to release, on the section below!

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looks nice i rly enjoy the game want to play it next alpha test again
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Still hyped...
... since 2016 :)

looks already pretty awsome great work ^^

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