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 Updates Patchnotes V0.2.2.0


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  • New

  • - Two NA game servers are now online

    - Character creation works correctly. For now, you can:
      - Choose between Wickeds or Residents
      - Pick your own class
      - Get a haircut
      - Choose your facial hair
      - Adjust your skin tone
      and later on wear your own smexy outfit!

    - Pre-release of the Thief class with talents and so on added! Keep in mind that the Thief's primary weapon, the knife, is not yet available.
    Be aware of Bugs!
    - Spotter received a new Talent called "Healing Grenade"

  • Improvements

  • - Applied new Gameplay sounds
    - Implemented Jumping animations
    - Fully reworked spawn points for better protection
    - Outfit fixes for weird behavior of clothing equipment
    - Implemented a global server message for Alpha announcements on all servers
    - Character Mugshots in-game, now they're working, improvements still needed!
    - Added different spawn points for each base to reduce spawn camping (further improvements to come)

  • Bugfixes

  • - Several smaller bug fixes

  • Balancing

  • - Buff: Increase Agent Duck hitbox

  • Known Issues

  • - Thief
    - Knife (The knife is not yet available for testing, therefore, you can only use the pistol for now).
    - Shadow Step ( Thief can teleport over too far distances with too many shadow steps, balancing will be done very soon )
    - Cameleon startup ( Visual effects and sounds are missing, sometimes the name gets shown that way enemies will spot you even being invisible )
    - Glider ( Glider is pre-done and maybe won't work correctly, visual effect missing )
    - Double jump ( VFX will be added )
    - Sounds for the Talents will be implemented soon!

    - Spotter
    - Default Grenade placeholder as for the Healing Grenade Talent
    - Revive Talent VFX as a temporary Healing Grenade effect

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Nice to see you guys did something about the spawn camping issue 👍

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