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Hello guys,
New feedback about the version of this game and with bugs / suggestions 😄

⚠ Don't take this feedback as a negative review, I try to present the points that are not right and the problems as I can ⚠

▶ Before we begin, all the bugs and suggestions I marked a month ago have still not been fixed / added, the link is here :
I'm not going to say everything in there again, but don't forget to take into account !


1 | This is the same problem as the last version but still present, a large display bug on the Italy map.
Picture :

2 | I think they forgot to allow the players to shoot through the leaves of the trees
Picture :

3 | On the Italy Hills map, some rocks are invisible, which allows us to pass through
Picture :

4 | A bug still present in this version, there is an invisible block that is created on the player's death position that remains until the person's respawn
Picture :
You should not allow players to push the ragdoll on the ground, and therefore put it static on the ground until the player respawn

5 | Players who start a skill (for example blast) and die before executing it, during their death continue to do the skill (and therefore in the case of blast, it executes it while he is dead)
You should remove the weapon in the person's hand when he dies, and stop all the actions the player was doing

6 | Since the leaves of the trees is a block, the player can get stuck in and bug. He also can't shoot through
Picture :

7 | On the Italy map, the river has a ground that is not finished, with display problems and no swimming. This allows us to go to places where we should not and to block ourselves
Picture :
Picutre 2 :

8 | When we shoot with the bazooka (in the right hand), the projectile is shot on the left
Picture :

9 | At certain moments, the bazooka does not have any more ammunition at all, we can't shoot in the game anymore.
Picture :

10 | With the heal skill in Tank class, our life continues to increase while the life bar is displayed full
Picture :
Max heal 150 but its full at 120 - 130 health

11 | There are still some spawn problems on the Italy map
Picture :

12 | The endgame picture is in the ground (in all maps)
Picture :

13 | The chat disappears when you're dead (for a few seconds) and then reappears

14 | Sometimes HUD disappears when someone respawn us.

15 | You can use your weapons and skills while in the water and your speed is normal
Picture :


1 | We should add a flag icon on the mini map and be able people to see us but only the person who has the flag
Picture :

2 | Add messages (in addition to sounds) when someone loses/takes/poses the flag

3 | Allow players to drop the flag on the ground

4 | Make the invisibility less visible because for the moment we see a transparent effect and so if the person is totally invisible, just make them a little more visible if they approach an enemy

5 | I still see that the reload bar is a little pixelized, even for rounds (A B C D) only when one is not next to a base, for example, when we are on base A, the circle becomes normal but when we leave this base, it becomes more pixelized

6 | You should add the flag game mode in the map rotation

7 | To have an indicator when the duck spots us and to increase the hitbox again because we have difficulties to kill it in flight

8 | The reload bar, and the number of balls at the bottom don't display correctly, the numbers go down and up and for the bar it bug when displayed full then empty. So to remake the bar to correct this small problem and also to be able to modify the size in the parameters.
For ammunition, give more according to the weapons you have (when you take some from the bases)

9 | To increase the time of reloading of the bazooka, it is much too weak of the blow one can shoot almost 1 shot by 3 seconds by inflicting more than 30 damages sometimes.

10 | Reduce the heal of the heal grenade (maybe 40 or 50% for example)

11 | The knife should have a greater range, and depending on that do the proportional damages like the other weapons
And a faster cadence

12 | Add the possibility to shoot while parachuting

The game has a lot of potential but you need a lot of work to make it better.
For the new map, there should be more protections such as crates, sandbags or something else. But if not, I think the design is very good !
And also avoid making the city too geometric.
The game improves from version to version, but I still find the Thief class useless and unusable...

Thank you for reading !
See you later

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Great job Paul glad somebody makes this feedback posts!
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Thanks for your feedback. First of all sorry for not fixing the bugs you mentioned the version befor. At the moment we are refactoring a lot of our code.
This is very time expensive but its necessary. Thats why we could not bring so many new content for this version, or could not work on so many bugfixes. But we will do this now.
Because of all of the "Mapbugs" i cant tell a lot about this. Our leveldesigners will take a look about this. For all the other points i will start with fixing them. So that we hopefully ccan fix as much bug as possible.

Thanks for your great report with all the images. This will help a lot.

Because of you suggestions: Some points are already changed. So we increased the knife-range and we have adjusted already some talents.

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