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Wazzap guys it Scorpia rather called Zeus,today im gonna type some things that i found inside alpha that should be fixed/added/removed 😀

1⃣First bug that i so as soon as i started playing was that in some occasion i dont know when,rocket launcher gets stuck on 0/30 ammo and cant reload even after suicide/die.
Im not sure how this happens.
But it happens alot times maybe even every game.
2⃣There is still an issue where rocket missles that get stuck upon coliding with solid object like walls,floor etc.
Wasnt quick enough to take pciture but i think you guys know what am i talking about :)
3⃣Im not sure if this is bug but i cant see my controls for ability underneath them.
4⃣While staying inside area of flag outpost and shooting my shotgun has basicly infinite ammo see video below.
5⃣When opening game again after alt+tab you need to open menu and close it so you can move around your mouse.
6⃣Rocket Jumping is still realy laggy,you need to jump and look straight at ground and shoot so you can get high,part of the problem is current gravity that is in game.
7⃣When you die you dont see cursor so you can click on choose spawn point

1⃣Im not sure if it should be like this but when you shoot somebody in body with rocket launcher it launches player in air that player is able to shoot even without parachute so there is no practical skill use of that thing
In bfh when you launch somebody in air he needs ti wait 1-1.5sec to open parachute while falling so he can shoot
So there is uses of blast and rocket launching
Thats obvious skill gap that should be implemented.
2⃣Thief class should have some kinda healling it has only 90 hp.
3⃣In settings its really hard to figure out which ability slot is which so i suggest that instead of 'Abilityslot1' it should say the name of that ability-that leads to another thing that controls should maybe be separted for each class?
-Same goes for 'Weaponslot1'
4⃣When using shift it should be as long as you hold it its zoomed it shouldnt be toogle to zoom it should be hold to zoom :)
5⃣Shotguns do static 45 damage when they are 1-2m away from target,body part doesnt matter except if you shoot it in legs, i suggest if the damage is so high atleast make it is 8 bullets inside not 10,cause currently its OP i launch somebody in air i get 2 shots with shotgun and finish him with MG :)
6⃣This is suggestion that should be added in some point of the games,this game isnt p2w so alot of weapons will be able to be obtained via progress right,so my point is that maybe just maybe in some game mode you should add supply drop airdrop whatever you call it that drop randomly and person who opens it can get that gun that is a little bit better than others i know this unlikely to be added cause game is not around that guns should be switched inside match but this is just maybe 👍
Oh man game is starting to get fun thats al what i can say 😁
Good job Devs :)
Fps and Ping is really enjoyable now

---If any of these things arent clear or readable to you cause im not very good at English you can find me on discord:ZeusBotko#0480---
I will keep editing this page so check it out later on :)

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Good job to you too, we just have to wait for the devs' response and the implementation of everything we proposed in the game. They're very busy but I hope one day it will be done !

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Superpaul209 said on 2018-08-27T17:59:23+02:00 in Feedback for Alpha:
Good job to you too, we just have to wait for the devs' response and the implementation of everything we proposed in the game. They're very busy but I hope one day it will be done !

Yep lets just hope they will acknoweledge plebs like us 🐼
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Thanks for your post.
Because of 1 and 2 i will take a look what are the reasons for that. Unfortunatelly its very difficult to find a bug that occurs randomly.
To the 3rd point. Its just a setting. You can show or hide your controls. Its deactivated by default, but we can activate it by default for the future.
4. Its not really a bug, because thats how the ammobox is working. It gives you every second a specific amount of ammo. We have to see if this can be abused.If yes, Maybe we will do some other stuff. like you cant shoot while you are on the ammobox, or you will get ammo only to you "backpack" and not to the loaded weapon. ust as example
5. This is already a problem we have for a long time. Its because of the "lost focus" of the mouse, if you switch out of the game. Closing the menu will give the focus back to game. This was not one of our high prioritzy points. But because it was mentioned few times, we will take care ybout this.
6. We played a lot with gravity and the rocket jump. I hope fixing the first 2 points will also lead to some better feeling for the rocketjumps.
7. That was not intended. I will fix this for the future.

And some comments on your Suggestions:
1. We have also planed to do something similar. But we do not have the "falling" and "parachuting" as different states for a long time. This difference is "new" and is still work in progress. But if we have finished it, the falling state will have also some consequences for the player.
2. Every class will be able to use the "Medicinal Herb" in the future. at the moment we did not added this to the thief, because this talent can be tested for the tank and we tried to add as many different talents as possible for you ;).
3. I think this is a good suggestion. Maybe we will do something like "Talentslot1 (Blockade)" or so.
4. Its also a setting. You are able to change if you have to "Hold" for Zoom or if you can activate and deactivate this.
5. We had an bug with the spread of the shotgut and the MG. I have already fixed that for the future.
6. For the future we will add of course more different game modes. Thanks for your idea and we will discuss this if this will be added for a future game mode. But ofcourse we first will think about all the cons and pros.. so we cant give an guarantee
7. thank you, we are happy to hear this :)

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