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 General discussion Lots of people lost their interest in the game

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I'm not trying to be pessimistic, but I noticed that several months ago lots of people lost their interest.

No much replies in News/Announcement thread, users submitting bug reports is too low or none at all, even off-topic section is deserted when compared when this website first opened.

Sure, over time people lost interest but I don't see much effort in regaining their interest. I have access to the Steam Alpha but there's no much people playing despite the number of servers online.

My suggestion is just open the Alpha to remaining interested players and let newcomers try it without having to undergo a complicated process, but it might its own downsides too.

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Well the lack of posts on this forum are most likely down to two factors:
  • 1: Discord
  • 2: BFH's Revival

1: I noticed with my own gaming community that people prefer to use Discord over the Forum itself (which is why I decided to move away from using a website and go full Discord with my community).

If RGL was to remove Discord (or limit its usage), you'll probably notice more activity on this Forum again.

2: RGL came about due to BFH's closure and with the revival of BFH less people are interested in RGL.
RGL was more for the "nostalgia" for the players that wanted to play BFH again, but with the revival of BFH, they now get their "nostalgia" fix from actually playing BFH again.

Ofc there are other factors too such as 'other games' and people just simply losing interest.

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