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I suggest a mission system. players would be able to use their skills in-game to complete various tasks and reap the rewards.
For example; "get three explosive kills in a match" Reward: ____ experience points and ____ <insert currency here>.
Players could also gain exclusive items when completing hard tasks, for example; when players find out that they can get
(and this is a random shirt name I chose, tell me if you like it :) The "Devin's darkest" (probably supposed to be a Vanta Black hoodie idk ) by doing <insert task here>.
If the task is fairly hard and time-consuming, players would know that if there was someone wearing a "Devin's Darkest" on the battlefield, it would probably be a pro
and not just some kid that stole his mom's credit card to get EpIcReNeGaDeLiNeCoSmEtIcS.

You could also put different missions in different Tiers, The easier missions are given to the newer players and would give small rewards when completed(1, 2 and possibly 3),
the "normal" missions are given to players that know what they are doing (tier 5, 6 and 7) and the hard and challenging missions go to very skilled players
(at tiers 9, 10 and 11). These missions have pretty good (but not overpowered) rewards (currency/cosmetics).
you could also allow everyone to have a go at wacky missions that don't really have anything to do with the core gameplay.
examples:="do three clockwise spins with a plane", "get pushed all the way to the sky border", "Perform a sniper kill while airborne (or maybe even a 360),
"get so much kills in so little time that you are accused of hacking" or "get vote kicked off 5 servers for being an asshole (jk)".

so yeah, let me know what you guys think.

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That's an awesome idea. But i think they've already thought about that. I would like to see daily missions. Really like the last two missions 😆😉 Been accused for hacking to many times when i played BFH back in the days. I also like the idea with tiers and extreme missions cause that would make the game more funnier and you would be pushed to test new things!!!

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