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 Updates Patchnotes V0.2.2.2


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  • New

  • - Map Moscalvente is ready for players to test!
    - Stats and Inventory Now your progress is saved, and you can equip items!
    - Character creation Now you can create and customize up to 5 different characters!
    - Items New items have been added to test the character equipment!
    - Menu The whole character creation and menu has been reworked, with a more intuitive use!

    Be aware that as any other Alpha in the industry, stats can be reset if needed by the team...

  • Bugfixes

  • - Fixed wrong animation for grenade jump
    - Fixed invisible parts of character
    - Fixed damage numbers showing up in both the new and old style
    - Fixed problems with map rotation, making the server to be stuck in one map
    - Fixed that Residents could spawn at Wickeds spawn
    - Shooting is not possible while swimming anymore
    - Fixed incorrect shotgun spread in some instances
    - Fixed several bugs with explosive keg
    - Fixed fire smg ability not working
    - Fixed Chameleon not being completely invisible, due to names still showing for everyone

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