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 General discussion This could be better than Fortnite

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With Fortnite blowing up more and more every day, I think RGL has a HUGE advantage to getting a bigger game, and in my opinion, I think RGL can become a mini-Fortnite.

Why do I say that?

1 - Cartoon Third Person Shooter - Just like Fortnite, except it's a Battle Royale.

2 - Cosmetics

3 - Weapons are similar

and more.

Now, obviously this won't happen without any proper marketing and advertising, which is the main point of this thread. I have never seen RGL being advertised on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or remotely anywhere to be honest. I'm unsure why the devs are choosing not to push advertisements through bigger social platforms, but there may be reasons why. Personally, I think the only way this game will actually go anywhere, is by making constant video updates of gameplay, and showing a competitive scene to it, rather than a Battlefield Heroes mockup. With the right team, this surely can be possible, and I think this would really blow the game up.

I've noticed that the forum has pretty much died, which may not mean the game is dying as there are other social ways to discuss about RGL, but I think that the lack of players and user base on RGL is a huge turn off, and I think you guys should start working harder and showing gameplay and uploading it to YouTube and promoting those videos.

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Hi @Aim again. I'm trying to keep the forums alive as much as I can haha. I really see your point and I understand what you mean and I agree. But as I mentioned in another forum post/thread. The development is slow and they have much things to fix before beta release. They should definitely try to marketing/advertise this game more when it's in beta state cause then it will also be free to play. There will be more content such as weapons, maybe finished maps, working classes and such. Right now it's not time to promote the game IMO. It's right in time I think compared to Fortnite cause we can see how that game explode in 2018. The forums are dead because lack of updates from devs and nothing to be seen. It's sad to see but I don't think the game will be dead in the future. Right now it's kind of dead cause no big updates, lack of players when there is alpha tests etc. I WISH YOU A NICE DAY AIM!!!

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