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I just bought/donated to get access to an Alpha key, and I've read that the game download is now through Steam. However, I'm not sure how long it takes to get a key code (I literally just bought/donated for it) and I can't find the game on Steam either.
I'm very confused about the Steam aspect?? 😕

Thanks to anyone who can help, 😄

EDIT: Got the key code email, but no vengence points w/ the code yet

EDIT 2: I found how to access the Steam codes... lol.

Anyway! I'm an old BFH/BFP4F player, and I'm excited to play Renegade Line and have some fun! I've been forever since I've found a shooter game that I enjoy playing, and I'm hoping that this one meets my expectations, even with being in Alpha stages!

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Like it's stated when you buy the alpha key
You will receive a key to be one of the first people to play and test Renegade Line and you will receive 10€ worth of Vengeance Points upon Beta release.

So you have to wait to get your Vengeance points until the game is in Beta.

Hope this helped 😋

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