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 Alpha discussion If you're able to play in Alpha, what's your Hardware?

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Like many others, my PC and laptop were able to play BFH but they do not support RGLine. I might wait until Beta or the official full launch to see if my computers can support it then, but I'd like to start playing ASAP, so I might buy or have built a PC that can support RGLine. I appreciate that the newest/best/most expensive hardware would allow me to play now, but what are the minimum specs needed to play now?

If you're able to play RGLine in Alpaha, what are your specs? I'm not very familiar with PC Hardware/Specs so I'll edit questions below based on your comments. Thanks.
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I have an asus laptop with CPU Intel Celeron N2940, GPU Nvidia 920m, 4GB RAM and I play on all low settings. Not the best framerate but it's somewhat playable.

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