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 Alpha suggestions Premium currency and Credits.


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I'd love to see the game to have a way of allowing players who doesn't wonna pay for the game at all still have a chance to get a hold of things that still are misc. But that would be tradeoff for time.

Let's say for example a skin for a weapon. the premium currency cost is about 230 and the credit cost can be about x2 and up so like 230 000 or more or less. So what im saying is, is that premium currency can be a faster way to get things. a much faster way. but you can still get it with credits, and just playtime. I'd say that it would probably make the game more awarding for those who will stay in the long run.

Please feel to give you humble and opinion on the thing.

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I agree with you, but i also think that some items, like really really special items or legendary items shouldn't be able to get without paying for it. Cause I think that would add some extra feeling to those who pays for content in the game. That's also a income for the company who tries to survive alap.

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