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BolzenmuffinThreads: 0
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Please make security a top priority.  If you put critical game-changing data on the client-side, someone will exploit it.  Have the server-side do some work to keep players honest.  Watch for back doors.  Keep "security" in the discussion anytime something is implemented or changed.  Keep it #1 on the priority list: not #9.  
HeadHunterzThreads: 8
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Eh, I heared some plans of developers to make a goodworking anti-cheat program with some database parts of Punkbuster. I don't know the name yet, I'll search, but the plan looked very cool.
examp1eThreads: 7
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Defenetly get some good anticheat like EAC and then make the bans based on Account, IP, HWID and MAC. This way the amount of cheaters is minimal.

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