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 Suggestions [Clothing] Celebrity parody packs


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We all love playing dress up with our virtual little goons. Now most suggestions go like "halloween theme plox! WW2 outfits 4 lyfe! GIB BRONTO HATS OR RIOT!", but i wanna go in another direction.

Celebrities. Everyone knows atleast some celebrities.  Love em or hate em, they are famous for a reason. Some celebrities are known for their iconic clothes or expressions. Wouldn't it be cool to dress up as your favourite celebrities?

I'll give ya'll an example.

Here you have the greatest singer/actor of all time, David Hasselhoff from the series Baywatch. Look at that outfit. 10/10. I would pay 15000+ Battlefunds for the privlege of wearing that outfit ingame.

Plz support and we can make EAsy implement this.
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/sign /sign /sign
Couldn't agree more, David Hasselhoff would ruin all my birthdays by making me want to spend all my money on his cosmetics <3

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Take note renegade line developers. This is how you print money in 2015.

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Shameless doublepost.

Look at this hoff's jacket once he starts singing. It lights up. THIS IS FREE MONEY DEVS GET TO IT.

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I don't know whether to laugh, or cry at this. ;)
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i say we need or / i want rare items and special weapon skins for a "much" money more then normal ;)
or what i like to have is : make 7000 kills with a mp40 and get it in golden (golden skin ) (mp40 just excample)
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This is also wacky but really cool so /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign /sign
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Not too good. I dont understand what to say.

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